Saturday, 23 June 2007

Cake & Sweetpeas & A Try Out

Here is what I have been up to today lol. Making a Pirate's Chest Cake for Ozzies party tomorrow. Glad to say when we took it over late afternoon he was thrilled with it. There are 5 gold candles to stand on the five coins along the front but his mummy is going to put those on tomorrow.

I just had to take a picture of my first sweetpeas this year. I have these in the house all summer, they dont last long but there is a new supply everyday as these perannual sweetpeas grow a bit like weeds in my garden, not that Im complaining I love them.

Now for a try out. I had an email from Sally, bless her, today explaining how to put a link on to my posts. It sounds easy enough lol, so if it works this should take you to a link to Sally's Blog. Thanks so much for that Sally.

Just a quick note to Lisa who asked about the threads for Dippy. I used Dinky-Dyes floss in 10 Cloudy Skies, 20 Gum Leaves and 26 Wild Cherry. They are not really variagated its more a suble shading.


Julie said...

You clever granny, that cake is stunning

I have my sweetpeas in the house too, don't you just love the smell, better than any airfreshner LOL

Yes, the link works, another new thing you've learnt, Sally had to tell me how to do it too !!!

Karen said...

what a super cake, sweet peas have such a wonderful smell I adore them

Edda said...

I just love the cake you did for Ozzy, I am sure he will love his party tomorrow. The sweetpeas are so pretty. The link works fine Helen so now you have mastered another task.
Have a lovely day tomorrow.

Stitcher said...

What a wonderful cake. Can I order one?

jane said...

what a fantastic cake - well done Helen I'm sure it will be very popular!
I'd love to know how to link from my blog - would it be possible for you to pass on the instructions to me?

Carla said...

What a wonderful birthday cake!!!

Sally said...

What a brilliant birthday cake Helen.

I love the smell of sweetpeas. It's years since I've grown any.

Your link works fine:) You're welcome.

Mo said...

Wow, love the cake!