Saturday, 23 June 2007

Dippy - Part 8 Done

Here it is and I'm just longing to find out what is going to be in the middle. I have so enjoyed stitching this one.

I have had to have a rethink over a large project I so wanted to do. I have had my heart set on stitching the Antique Blue and Red Sampler which is a freebie and comes in 16 parts (10 parts published so far). I wish I could do what Sally does and just say "here" for you to click on a link but I can't so its here if anyone wants to look -
Anyway when I showed it to my DH he pointed out just how large it would be when it was complete and asked where exactly I planned on putting it when it was done (and how much would it cost to have framed). The more I have thought about it the more it has put me off and so I am now thinking of stitching "Floralie by Papillon Creations which is a similar sort of thing but maybe a little more managable. Someone else is doing this on their blog and it really looks lovely, but I am going to have to wait a while - Im definitely on the stash wagon chart wise at the moment.

I didnt get any stitching done at all yesterday but I am hoping to get Auntys wfb done this weekend.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and hope the weather is not too wet for you all.


Lisa said...

Wow Helen, Dippy looks gorgeous! What colour flosses are you using, they are really pretty? Are they all variagated?

Sally said...

Helen, Dippy looks fantastic! I do love the colours you have chosen for yours.

I will email you about how to do the link:)

Julie said...

Dippy looks wonderful Helen, no wonder you're pleased with it

Floralie is a nice one too, Nicola chose pretty colours for that one too

Enjoy your weekend

BeckySC said...

It's looking beautiful!!!

jane said...

Looks great Helen - I haven't stitched the latest part yet but will be trying to get it done over the weekend

Sheilasembroidery said...

Dippy looks brill and I really love that antique sampler. I'm trying to organise a visit the the Whitby Museum to see some antique samplers in July.

Edda said...

Dippy looks absolutely stunning Helen. Great work. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Carla said...

Dippy is looking gorgeous!!!!