Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Update & New Reveal

This is the latest up date on Le Temps which I am really, really enjoying stitching. Unfortunately I have now ran out of thread so have to wait until my order arrives from Tina.
As it was AnnP's birthday yesterday I can now also reveal the little pinkeep and scissor fob I stitched as part of her gift.
I am please to say that I am now getting back into my stitching. I still cannot stitch for too long at a time but I am really wanting to get back to my rota now so I have decided that this weekend I am going to make a start. It is the hardanger building spot next and as I finished hardanger church last time (feels like years ago) it will now be a new start. This time I am going to be doing one of the two hardanger houses. Planning ahead - I think I will have to make one of those "this months target" lists, I will have Terri's wfb to do and then I may do another from my rota before getting Heirloom Christmas out again. I will also keep trying to do a bit more on my ufo. I am so close to the bottom of the dress now but I can spend an hour on it and see no progress at all so I refuse to take another picture before the bottom of the dress is done.
Hope you and yours are all safe in this dreadful weather that is hitting our country at the moment.


Stitcher said...

What a lovely gift, those colours are beautiful, and love your progress pic. Look forward to seeing your next hardanger project.

Julie said...

Ann's gift it gorgeous Helen, i bet she was thirlled with it.

Nice progress on Les Temps too, so pleased you are managing to stitch a bit more

Carla said...

The pinkeep and fob are so did a wonderful job! And Le Temps looks fantastic!!

Sally said...

Love your WIP Helen. Looking forward to seeing more.

Ann's gift is gorgeous.

Mo said...

These are really beautiful, Helen. I'm a big needlecase fan. I've got about 5 that I've made. Can't resist them. And scissor keeps!