Saturday, 9 June 2007

More re below...

So far Lisa, Chris and Lynn have all said they would be interested in this. I have also had a private email from someone with some very relevant questions.

The first - would we have the right to ask if our chart was going to a smoke/pet free home.

Yes I think so. I personally would have no objections to my charts going to someone with pets but if you have an alergy then this question would be relevant.

next - how many people would you anticipate being in this - and is it open to people from abroad.

Well I am open to comments but my own view is to keep it small so that we know where our charts are going i.e within a group of friends. Regarding charts going abroad I really am not sure. I certainly know of a couple of people who I would not mind sending to in the least but as you will be asked personally for your chart then I think it would be entirely up to you. Again as you will be approached personally it will be completely up to you if you decided that you did not want to pass a chart to a certain person and it would be nothing to do with anyone else. They are your charts and you have the right to choose who you loan them too.

If you have any more questions please ask, the more questions and answers we sort out the smother things will run.

And lastly - lol - to the person who said they were not sure they dare admit how many charts they have - well I too come under that catergory and if you look at it logically you have a lot more years to get through yours than I do, and it still doesnt stop me hoping for more lol.


Lisa said...

Some good points there Helen.
I wouldn't mind sending to someone with pets.
As for the size of the group and sending abroad, like you say, if someone asks to borrow a chart you have it's up to you whether you want to lend it or not, depending on the circumstances.
I guess I'd better start listing my charts, could be some time lol.

Julie said...

it sounds a wonderful idea Helen, i'll have to make a start on listing what i've got