Monday, 2 July 2007

A New Start

Not a lot to tell but thought I would show you a picture of my new start. This is what I have done this afternoon and this evening on the Victorian Hardanger House. A few changes - for a start it should be white, its supposed to be a Christmas House (which it wont be), and I am doing cream on cream, the greys being changed to beige shades (642 and 644). Also the leaves are supposed to be done in shades of green but I am using the same Needleneccessities thread that I used on the church and letting the leaves change with the thread tones.
Did a wee bit more on Le temps and a wee bit on UFO and will probably show you picture updates on those later in the week.

One exciting piece of news - we have booked our next holiday. It is not until November but we are off to Vietnam and Cambodia which is somewhere I have wanted to go for a long time so Im really excited about this one.

Thanks once again to all those lovely people who take the time to visit my blog and especially to those who leave comments, they are so much appreciated.


Edda said...

The holiday you´ve booked sure sounds wonderful. I´m sure it will be an experience. I love your new start and will be following your progress on it. I really like the way you personalize the patterns to suit your taste more - it is a gift to be able to do that. Hope you have a great day.

Carla said...

A few changes? sounds like you're doing a lot of changes :) ... you've made a great start on this project!
Those holidays on Cambodia and Vietnam sound like fun :)

Julie said...

Your new WIP looks lovely, looking forward to seeing the colours changes you have made to it, i always love to see your interpretations Helen

November will be here in no time if the fist half of the year is anything to go by LOL

Sally said...

Love your new start Helen. You've got quite a lot stitched.

I bet you can't wait for your holiday!