Saturday, 28 July 2007

Still here

I havent posted for a few days but I just wanted to let you know I am here and still busy stitching.
I put EMS Garden Alphabet on hold for my UFO piece as I remembered I had a real UFO sitting in the draw. It is Coast to Coast by Anchor and was stitched on 16 count Aida many moons ago, before I discovered evenweave. It was all finished apart from the back stitch but as I am not a fan of Aida fabric I think this put me off actually finishing it - so I did this as my UFO this week and got quite a bit of the b/s done - though unfortunately there is still quite a lot to do. This is a collage picture of it before I started on the b/s.

I must have been watching more tv this week as Le Temps has grown quite a bit since the last picture and I am still loving stitching this. My main stitching this week however has been on Barnabee - oh I do love this design, it is sure a pleasure to stitch and such fun seeing each new little group of flowers or little creatures take shape.

Last night Oscar stayed. He woke about 11.30 crying which is a most unusual event. He said his tooth hurt so I gave him Neurofen and he eventually settled back to sleep again. He woke again at 6 this morning again crying and saying his mouth hurt. His lip did look a little puffy and he felt a little clammy so I gave him another dose of Neurofen and he happily went back to bed. I eventually had to wake him at 10am and my gosh what a shock, his top lip looked as though some one had given him a good thump and the whole of the side of his face was swollen up. We were due to take him home this morning anyway so we soon had him in the car and on his way. On getting home his Mum phoned the emergency number and we had to take him to the emergency medical centre in Derby where they confirmed what I thought, the poor wee thing has an absess. I phoned tonight to check on him and mum says the anti biotics seem to be doing the trick and though he isnt eating and is drinking through a straw still his face has gone down a little and he seemed quite cheerful in himself. I hope the little darling gets a good nights sleep and is feeling better tomorrow.


Carla said...

Hope Oscar gets better soon.
Coast yo Coast looks like a big projects...I'm sure you'll finish the backstitch real soon :)

Edda said...

I am looking forward to seeing all the backstitching done. I hope Oscar is feeling a lot better - it is hard to see them sick. Have a nice Sunday.

Julie said...

Awww poor Oscar, hope he gets better soon. My DD woke last Sunday with a badly swollen face, she has an infection up the nose!!

Your 'coast' is very bright and colourful, i really like it

I've not been around much this week either Helen, life has got in the way!!

Sally said...

Awww poor little Oscar. I hope he's better soon.

Coast to Coast looks fantastic! What a stunning piece.

Looking forward to seeing Le Temps.