Sunday, 8 July 2007

Charlotte's Body

Oh what a lovely sunny weekend we have had here. A little breezy at times but I can cope with that as long as the sun shines. I had a lovely lazy saturday just stitching and pottering and managed to get the body finished on Charlotte, which was what I had been hoping to achieve. I had intended carrying on and doing some of her hat today but Terri's wfb dropped through the letterbox yesterday and it won lol. So Charlotte has gone away and her hat will hopefully get done next time.
I have not had much time to stitch today but what I have had has been spend on Terri' wfb (a wee fat bird or more commonly called a round robin). Her theme is Home Sweet Home and we are each doing one of the little houses that come free from someones blog (sorry cant remember where but will get the link of Terri and post it when I post a picture).

I have also been typing lists of charts on to the computer (Ive not even managed to finish going through my own yet) ready for the Chart Library. We have well over 200 so far and there are still some lists to come in - though thankfully most people are sending in dribs and drabs as they sort them so I havent had loads to do at once. I think we will be amazed by just how many charts we have got between us lol. I think I could safely stay on the chart wagon for the next 5 years, though I know I wont as there always seems to be "just one more" I really really need.

Thanks once again to all those lovely people who leave feed back, its a real boost at the best of times but when I was struggling to stitch and come on the computer last month you really carried me through - bless you all.


jane said...

Charlotte is looking lovely Helen, sounds like you had a nice weekend, we still keep getting sudden downpours just when you least expect

Karen said...

Charlotte is coming along very well she is stunning

Carla said...

Chalotte is looking so beautiful!! Well done!

Sally said...

Charlotte is coming along beautifully Helen.