Saturday, 21 July 2007

I'm Happy Dancing

Here she is at long last my Lavender and Lace Celtic Spring. She was stitched in all the recommended dmc colours but she has been altered so that she faces the opposite way to normal. The reason for this is I also have Celtic Summer to do (she all kitted up but it will be a wee while before I make a start on her - cant face all that gold and beads again for a while lol). Summer and Spring both faced the same way and I wanted them to face each other, hence the change of direction for Spring.

I have also done the first part of the six week Athena SAL that is running on the Polstitches forum. Although the fabric looks white on here it is actually Ice Blue and the Perle threads I have used at in Dragon Floss Unicorn, which is really pretty.

Now I have to sort out a small quilt square to do and then it will be Barnabee - I am really looking forward to getting back to this little chap.

Oh and I just must tell you I had a lovely email from Vicki Mansfield of India Grace Designs and she liked what I had done with India and loved the addition of the beads. Its so nice to know that the designer approves of what you have done with her design.


Julie said...

CONGRATS !!! i love Celtic Helen, well done on a fab finish.

Your Athena SAL is nice too, i didn't sign up to this one

lena-lou said...

Congratulations on your finish and for making her face the other way, very clever !! I love to see big projects and admire the patience and time they must take to complete.

We have the same name , we both are Leo's as my birthday is soon on the 12th August :-)

BeckySC said...

HUGE Congratulations to you-she looks just beautiful :) :) YAY!!!!

Sally said...

Celtic Spring looks stunning Helen! Congratulations on your finish:)

Carla said...

Congratulations on finishing Celtic Spring...she looks gorgeous!!!

Mo said...

Great to see Celtic Spring finished, Helen. She looks wonderful. I must get C Summer framed sometime!

Sherry aka Celtic Dream Weaver said...

I love your Purple Celtic Lady. Purple is my favorite color. She is beautiful. I also love the blue/purple stitch you did with the lady doing needlework with the peacock standing behind her. I wish I could afford to buy patterns like these. Your work is beautiful!