Thursday, 29 May 2008

Part 5 And A Smile Maker

I was not feeling too good yesterday, I think this dreadful weather is getting too me and I have been really headachey over the last few days. I did my ivy leaf first thing and then went into town but by the time I got back I really did not feel up to stitching so QM stayed in the box.

Feeling a little better last night I decided I would just have a go at Gigi (I had already made a start and done half of it a wee while ag0). The result was a finish for part 5 so that was pleasing.

There were a couple of nice things on the doormat when I got back from town however. First a little pink package - I was not expecting anything - and it was my June DD silks arriving early so that was nice and made me smile.

The biggest smile however came when I opened a small envelope from Sally to find she had RAK me with the beautiful Christmas Candle Chart from The Cat's Whiskers. I had admired this when I saw it on her blog and bless her she just knew it was my sort of thing. So BIG BIG thank you Sally, I am still smiling from ear to ear.



Mylene said...

The SAL is looking beautiful.

WOW! what lovely colours of the threads and that is sure a beautiful chart from Sally.

Hope you are feeling much better today!

becca said...

the SAL is looking awesome.

And WOW that DD floss is amazing. So bright and beautiful. What will you use it for?

Elaine said...

Your SAL looks stunning, the colours are so pretty.
Hope you are feeling much better.


Itching To Stitch said...

Oh, I love those silks and your stitching looks wonderful. Hope you are feeling bette soon ;)

Julie said...

SAL looks wonderful. Nice DD silks and pressie from Sally too.

Beatrice said...

The SAL looks marvelous .I love the colour of those fibers. Wow!

I Hope you are feeling better.
All of you pieces are looking good!

Sorry I don't have the magazine you needed. I will keep my eyes open if I see one.

Sally said...

Your SAL is looking gorgeous Helen.

Wow lovely colours of DD silks.

You are so welcome for the chart. I still have the other one to stitch yet but if you'd like that one too when I'm done just let me know.

Hope you're feeling better.

Doris said...

beautiful SAL!! and the silk floss are so beautiful colors!

Rachael said...

Love the threads!!
and the SAL is looking great,
and what a nice treat from Sally!

Karan said...

Oh those DD silks look so lush!
GiGi is beautiful.
What a lovely RAK from Sally too. :0) Hope you're feeling much better too Helen.