Tuesday, 27 May 2008

All Behind

With the bank holiday I seem to have lost track of time this week. Today I was catching up on my Monday Sal as I got no stitching done yesterday, and I missed doing my leaf today too (oh Mr Stick please cover your ears lol). Never mind I will soon catch up and the ivy is definitely first thing on the stand in the morning.

I have still not quite finished the first motif on "I Still Do" but there is more work in these motifs than I had thought, and I am happy enough with what I have achieved. I have not heard from Dawn and I know she is finding the computer too much for her at the moment, but she was stitching so I am just hoping that she has made a start on hers too.

Tomorrow I will be back to my rota and it should be Elegance - Amelia. Last time round I finished Charlotte and Amelia was supposed to take her place but as she is a new start I am going to postpone her for a few weeks. I will therefore be moving on to The Quilt Maker tomorrow. I hope to stick with her for what is left of this week, but we will see as I have a love hate thing with this piece. I know I shall love it when it is finished and I still love the project but for some reason I dont actually enjoy stitching on her very much. I think it was all that blue on her dress that I found so tiresome. Anyway I will see how it goes and it I am not enjoying it I will just move on to Taj.

If I have not visited your blog in the last week I do apologise. I get behind for a few days and its a nightmare trying to catch up. I hate to visit and not leave a comment if possible and it just takes so long, so please bare with me.

Thanks to all those who continue to visit me and especially those lovely people who take the time to leave a comment, it means so much and makes writing this all worth while.



Itching To Stitch said...

This is coming along beautifully, that thread color is gorgeous ;)

Littlebit's collections said...

You work is very good. I really like the colors.

Kendra said...

I'm all behind and messed up on things, too. We also had a Monday holiday, so I'm running a day behind as well. As for my stitching rotation...yeah, that went out the window a few weeks ago, and I just can't get back on it. I'm hoping things will even out soon...

Anonymous said...

Hi Helen

I am here :) I sent you a reply text last night - hope you got it?!?! I have been SALing away with you:) I am hoping to update my blog today with piccies of my stitching although the weather is really naff here today so I hope I can get decent photos!

Hugs xxx

Anonymous said...

btw your I still do looks stunning - love that colour :)

Mylene said...

I love the colour you are using with this project. Progress is looking great!

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

I get busy and don't look at your blog for a day or so and find out you have made great progress on this piece!

Love that deep rich red!

Windy Meadow

Julie said...

Great progress.

Mr Stick has his ears covered listening to some music, and a blindfold so he cant read this either!

Sally said...

Oooh I love how this coming along Helen. I adore the colour and may have to use that for my BP Sampler next year:)

I got way behind one blogs too. When I went in my reader the other day I had 126 new posts!!

Rachael said...

I am still behind after my holiday I still have quite a few to go :-0
Love the thread colour!!