Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Not Liquorice - But Allsorts

Firstly I want to ask if anyone knows how Dawn (Mystic Stitching Witch) is keeping. I last heard from her on the 26th April when she seemed to be recovering well and was just waiting for me to get my fabric sorted so that we could start on "I Still Do". Despite several emails I have not heard from her since and I am worried that she has had a relapse so if anyone does know any info I would be very grateful to hear from you.

Edit - Panic over as Dawn saw this and got in touch. Thanks Dawn

What a great weekend weatherwise. Saturday the weather did cause a little disappointment lol, well we were supposed to be at a kite flying weekend and there was not so much as a whispering breeze so the kites stayed in the car. It was disappointing for me too, as no boys games meant no stitching for Granny. We had gone to Rufford Country Park for the Kite Flying Day but we still had lots of fun. The bluebells were all out in the woods and it looked wonderful, and there were lots of new ducklings and sygnets to see on the lake. Also a brand new play area which got a big thumbs up from Oz. (some pics at the end).
Sunday was lots more water babies as we decided we would go to Attenborough Nature Reserve for a nice walk in the morning. When we arrived it was Sunflower Sunday and so Oz got to plant a sunflower in a little pot to bring home, make a potatoe print sunflower to be cut out and stuck on the big sunflower shape they had at the entrance and also to make a sunflower suncatcher to bring home for Grannys house. In the afternoon we went to Asda (wallmart) to do some shopping for Great Granny (my mum lol) and then took her things and went on a visit before taking Oz back to his mummy and daddy.
Needless to say not a lot of stitching got done and all my plans went to pot. I did get a little done on Frosty Panes but nothing at all on EMS Rose.

As we do not get too much sunshine in this country I am not going to feel guilty for enjoying the weather instead of stitching :0).

Yesterday and this moring I have been busy with my UFO and I managed to get the missing dragonfly, a little bird and all of the "I for Iris" done so I am really pleased with my progress and again I do not feel in the least bit guilty for missing last week now lol. I popped it under the bottom of my lovely Montana this week so that you could enjoy some real flowers again.

Next it will be back to Fairies At the Bottom of My Garden, which I am looking forward to as it seems such a long time since that was last out

And lastly I will leave you with some picture of our weekend but if you are not interested in them then you can leave now and get back to your stitching lol.


at the ford the kids watch for the cars, then they all shout faster, faster as the car approaches, the faster they go the bigger the splash - needless to say the slow ones get boo's lol.


All the pictures are clickable so you can see them better (worth it to see the bluebells in the wood)



Julie said...

Wonderful pics of Oz having fun, such special times for you, enjoy and dont feel guilty at all, they grow so fast.

Garden Alphabet looks fab, i'm so enjoying watching this grow

Ranae said...

The flower alphabet is so pretty.
Looks like it was a beautiful day to enjoy nature. Awesome photo's

Anonymous said...

Your alphabet of flowers is beautiful.

I love the bluebells in the wood picture, you are right it really is worth clicking on to see the larger image.

Lynn said...

lovely photo's of your day out, :)

the FA is coming along beautifully, well done, and FP is shaping up too ;)

Mylene said...

Beautiful pictures of your day out. Thanks for sharing.

Sally said...

Lovely photos Helen. Oz looks like he's really enjoying himself:)

Lovely WIP.

Lana said...

Your progress photos are beautiful!!! And it looks like you had a fun weekend! Thank you so much for leaving me lovely comments!

Elaine said...

Your stitching pieces are beautiful Helen and it looks like you had a lovely family week-end.

Thanks for visiting my blog, will be back soon!


Christine said...

Looks like a great day out Helen

Daffycat said...

Oh, I love the pictues of the birds and the baby geese are adorable!

Helena E said...

Oz is growing into quite the handsome little man. I love the pic of him walking in the woods with the bluebells. Beautiful Spot !!


Karan said...

Great pics Helen - looks like Ozzie really enjoyed himself. :0)
Love the EMS piece.