Friday, 9 May 2008

I'm Dancing !!!

by Loopylou Designs
Started August 2006
Finished - 9th May 2008
It really doesnt seem to have taken that long to stitch but then over the last year my rota has been left of quite a lot so I guess I really havent spent a lot of time on this. Apart from getting in a complete and utter mess with the flower infills - finally ripping them out and doing spiders webs instead (Lynda you will be pleased to know i did persevere and I can now do the flowers lol). I really enjoyed this one and found one or two new challenges along the way which is something I always enjoy.
Next on the rota list is Fairies at the Bottom of My Garden, but before that I have the weekend which is rota free and I also have to play catch up with my UFO, which is not really going to be a challenge because the next flower is an Iris which I love and I also have a wee bee (or dragonfly - cant remember lol) and a little bird to slip in between the flowers so I am looking forward to doing that.
For the weekend I think Saturday is going to be a new challenge as I am going to have a go at the Canvas Work that Lynn - (Brown Owl) - sent me and Sunday I am going to make a start on the next section of EMS Rose.
Lastly I want to say a big hello to all those people who visit but dont necesserily want to, or have time to leave a comment. I usually get a few comments each day and though maybe 8 - 10 people visited me each day. Wednesday night I added a tracker to my blog and I was amazed that I had 72 visits in the first 24 hours it was on. What is more it tells you where the visits come from - the UK and USA, even Aussie I expected but there were people from Holland, Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong, Singapore, The United Arab Emirates and even Russia. I am just amazed that so many people from all over the world are visiting my blog and I just hope that I make it interesting for you to see. Thanks each and every one of you and a special Hug to those that do leave comments as they are so much appreciated.



Cheryl said...

Congratulations on your finish! Its really pretty. Will you be framing it?

Karen said...

very pretty finish well done

Ann T said...

Well done Helen, enjoy your happy dance, it looks beautiful.

brokenfairy said...

Well done on your finish,I do like the Loopy lou designs they are so pretty

Cathy said...

This is beautiful!

Erica said...

It is lovely Helen!
I have such admiration for those who can successfully manage a rotation! It also makes for a much more interesting blog. I always look forward to reading your blog to see what new thing you are up to!
I usually have 2 or 3 projects going, but sooner or later I find I really need to work on just one. I am always afraid otherwise it won't get done. I guess I just don't have the patience.

Karan said...

Such a pretty finish Helen - those spiders webs look so effective & you can't have a garden without a few spider webs. Hope the HD is a gentle one though! LOL
With those stitching plans I'm looking forward to catching up with your blog again after my holiday. :0)

Sally said...

Congratulations on your beautiful finish Helen! It is stunning.

Julie said...

Wonderful finish Helen. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the canvas work, i've admired both Lynn's and Diana's.

WOW lots of visitors ... maybe i should get a tracker LOL

Lynn said...

what a pretty piece, well done Helen :)
I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with the canvas work :)

I'm not surprised you've had so many 'hits' your blog is full of gorgeous work :)

Carla said...

Congratulations on your finish!!

Lisa said...

Helen, that's a beautiful finish, well done!

Christine said...

What a lovely finish Helen!

Our Red House said...

Your needlework is exquisite. I am not the least bit surprised that you get lots of visitors; you have a lovely blog and your crafts are inspiring.


Brigitte said...

I've been visiting your blog for quite a while but have never left a comment.

Your stitching is gorgeous. And I love the picture of Coniston village very much. Brings back some lovely holiday memories. Thanks.

Andrea said...

Beautiful finish, it really is stunning.

Cyn said...

Hi Helen,

I just found your blog a couple of days ago and I enjoyed reading all of the entries.

You do beautiful work and don't worry about your stitching rotation and getting things done. When you read a blog from the first entry to the last, I can see that you have accomplished a lot since you started this blog!

Windy Meadow

Itching To Stitch said...

Helen, what a gorgouse piece. Congrats on the finish ;)

Von said...

Helen, Secret Garden is just spectacular!! Hearty congratulations to you for persevering and finishing it! :)

Concetta said...

Oh my, your Secret Garden is so beautiful! I *wish* I could stitch something so spectacular... I've yet to find the courage to tackle hardanger. Congratulations on the beautiful finish!

Helena E said...

Your Loopy Lou Happy Dance is stunning. I have been admiring this one for a while. I may just have to break down and get it one of these days. LOL
Take care,