Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Not A Lot

The title describes how much I got done or not done on Gracious Era this time round. I really am making progress with the background but it is just so boring to stitch that one day on it is quite enough for now. The buildings on the left hand side are just starting to come into view and once they are done and I start moving down and working on the people I just know I will enjoy it more.

So that was yesterdays progress and today should have been UFO day but I forgot lol. Anyway I got the next one on the rota out which is Secret Garden and I have really enjoyed stitching this today and as it is getting reasonably close to the bottom now I am going to stick with this for a day or two and see if I can have a Happy Dance. So after that I will do UFO, honest Mr Stick I will do 2 days of UFO if you promise not to get cross lol.

I have been asked why I never show any of my holiday photos and I have to be honest and say I find other peoples holiday pics can often be boring, not all I admit but quite a few so I dont want to bore others. Anyway I have come up with a compromise and I thought I would alter my heading photo every month or so and show you some pictures that way, so I hope that will do. This month I thought I would show you a view of Coniston village as we made our way back from the lake on Monday morning.

Thanks for all the lovely comments, and I do hope Karan has read all those relating to her gift. Would you credit it the silly girl was actually worried that her stitching would not be good enough for me. Let me assure you Karan your stitching is beautiful and lots of other people have said so too.


Mary said...

Helen, I can assure you that the new photo in your heading is not boring at all. I think the English countryside is gorgeous!

Ann T said...

GE is really taking shape, well done :o)

Karen said...

Gracious Era is coming on well

Sally said...

Nice to see Gracious Era back out Helen. It's gorgeous.

Love your header!

Julie said...

Lovely to see your progress on this one. Nice pic in the header too.
Mr Stick is not worried about you Helen, he knows you will catch up LOL

Linda K's Creativity Works said...

Wow Helen...that is sure going to be beautiful when you get it done...I just love that.

I also love the top of your Blog too...your beautiful is pretty awesome.

Take care & Happy Stitching

Ranae said...

Gracious Era is awesome. I have never seen it before.
The header photo is just beautiful.
Is that your backyard? lol

Mylene said...

Your header picture looks great. Thanks for sharing.
Gracious Era is looking wonderful!

Karan said...

GE is going to be another stunner Helen.
Oh, love the header - not seen that view of Coniston before.
Thank you again. :0)

Helena E said...

GE is coming along great. Are you doing it on the Aida that came with it or something else?? I have this but it is waiting for me patiently. LOL
Take care,