Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Update on Queen of The Needle

Yesterday I took some finishing with me to Mums to do and I got both my challenge and Chick well on the way. I finished the challenge last night but didnt have what I needed to finish Chick so he will have to wait until either I go into town or until I get the chance to go to Hobbycraft which will probably be Monday. I will take a picture of my challenge piece later today and send it to Karen. I am really looking forward to seeing the reveal on so that I can see all the different colours and finishes.

Here is a picture of the progress on Queen of the Needle so far. Don't think I have quite caught Sally up but we are about even at the moment. Hope to do better next week. As Sally said in her blog, this is so pretty and the colours are just lovely.

Well I think I had better get my coffee finished and go and sort out Garden Alphabet ready for todays UFO.

Hope you are all having a good stitching day.


oops I forgot the MeMe thing again. I was tagged by Cathy to write 7 things about myself.

1. I am now a retired lady and beginning to wonder where I found the time to ever go to work.

2. Everyone thinks I am very organised and I truely do try to be but the truth is though I do try hard I dont really succeed - if you saw my den at the moment, with draws open and stash all over the place you would know just what I mean.

3. I am basically a very private person and though I do try to share things on my blog I am inclined to stick to my stitching and not write too much about my humdrum life.

4. Next year my darling hubby and I will be celebrating our Ruby Wedding Anniversary.

5. Although not in the least sporty since passing 50 I have tried Paragliding and also a couple of years back Abseiled down the Newton Tower at Trent University raising quite a bit of money for the Institute for the Blind.

6. When I am on my own at home or in the car I sing at the top of my voice along with the radio. I do this when I am on my own because I am completely tone deaf and my voice is dreadful but if I could have had any talent I wanted I would have loved a nice singing voice as I love to sing.

7. Though I have always been called Helen (my second name) my first name is actually Margaret.

I am now supposed to tag 7 more people but as I know from the blogs I have read that many of you have been tagged recently I will just leave it up to you. If you would like to add 7 things about yourself to you blog then consider yourself tagged by me lol.


Mary said...

Queen of the Needle looks so pretty, and I agree, the colors are lovely! Looks like it would be a fun stitch. Have a great day.

Karen said...

Queen of the Needle looks great I am loving this

Julie said...

QOTN is superb, i love this one

Looking forward to seeing your challenge piece too LOL

Karan said...

Loving watching yours & Sally's QOTN develop - stunning. :0)
Look forward to seeing more of GA & your Challenge piece.

Sally said...

I think you are about at the same spot as me Helen. There's certainly not a lot in it!

Carla said...

QoN is coming along beautifully!