Monday, 7 January 2008


I had a lovely and relaxed stitchy day today. This morning I got a bit more done on Chickadee and he has half a body now. This afternoon I sat down to do Queen of the Needle which I am doing with Sally and I really felt like I got somewhere today. I have made a couple of little changes. Firstly on the violets as the centre ones should have been white, as you can see from the white flowers above the violets white just does not seem to show on my fabric so I did them a darker shade instead. The other change was on the little stitches below the hearts. These should have been on in perle8 white and as I didnt particularly enjoy stitching with the perle8 and felt it would look too bulky for these delicate looking stitches so I decided to use a 12# instead and again because the white doesnt show I chose to use a colour. I like doing these little changes because then it really feels like its mine. I am not sure yet but I would like to change the colour of the white flowers, the main reason I havent done this is I am not really sure what colour to do them but I will think about it and may go back and change them later.

Tomorrow I start my UFO SAL with Julie and Mr Stick at the Stitch and Stash forum on Jaynes Attic. I will be working on EMS Garden Alphabet which was basically a free alphabet a few years back. When the alphabet was complete Ellen gave a guide to the layout and a border and a few other bits to complete it. I added some bits of my own to the chart and I think its a lovely one but its just so big and it sort of got cast to one side as I didn't feel I was getting anywhere with it. The most annoying thing about it was that I had managed to get hold of a fire screen in a charity shop for something like £20.00 and I had arranged this so that it would fit the firescreen. Now hopefully the threat of Mr Stick will keep me at it and though I do not anticipate getting it finished this year I do feel that it will become a finish one of these fine days.

The other think I forgot to tell you about is I have also joined the Monthly Challenge again at the Stitch and Stash forum and we are doing a freebie called Eliza's Pyn Pillow. Everyone will do it in their own colour scheme and finish as they will and its all a big secret until we have the reveal at the end of the month. The only downside to this one is its one over one which my poor eyes cannot cope with for very long but I keep doing a little and hopefully I will get there and have it finished in time.

Thanks again for visiting my blog and ploughing through my endless ramblings. Your comments are much appreciated and your encouragement is I am sure why I achieved as much as I did last year.


jane said...

QOTN is looking great - I love your changes. I am planning a start on 4 wishes in the near future. As for Eliza's Pyn pillow I have to confess that I cheated and stitched it over 2 threads, was feeing pretty tired the day I started it and couldn't cope with 1 over 1.

Sally said...

Oooh you've got loads done Helen! I only did a measly bit this week:(

Not sure I'll be doing the Pyn Pillow over one! I started some secret stitching yesterday afternoon and it's over one on 32 count and it seems to take forever!

Carla said...

So beautiful!!

Karen said...

wow that looks stunning, I think a couple are doing the challenge on aida and over 2 on evenweave, I can't wait to see what everyone has done