Wednesday, 2 January 2008


I want to start by wishing each and every person who visits me here in my little nook A Very Happy and Healthy New Year for yourselves and all those you hold dear. Of course for the stitchers, which I guess are most of you, then I also wish you an abundance of wonderful stash and the time to use it.

2007 was good on the stitching front for me and had lots of finishers, 12 of them quite big ones so at an average of one per month I am quite pleased with that and hope I can do as well in the comming 12 months.

I am sticking to my rota but I am just going to do it Wednesday to Saturday. The first Sunday of each month Terri, AnnT, AnnP and I are going to be doing a Christmas Card Sal, we know it wont take care of all our cards but hopefully it will spread them through the year and not mean such a rush at Christmas. We shall each choose our own designs but just stitching them on the same day will give us incentive. If anyone wants to join us they will be very welcome. The other Sundays I am going to just stitch anything i feel like, it could be something out my rota but is more likely to be a smaller thing that I think I can do over a couple of Sundays or even just in a day. Monday I am keeping as SAL day, at the moment that is Queen of the Needle with Sally, but I want to do the EMS SAL and also hope to do the Papillon SAL though I am trying to keep an open mind on that one until I see the first part. I so enjoyed stitching Serendipity last year and am trying not to get too excited about this one coming out in case I dont like the look of it lol.

Tuesday is going to be UFO night, I am not sure when this starts back but would imagine it will be next week (Julie if you and Mr Stick are reading this may you can confirm for me). Anyway I am going to make a start next Tuesday whatever and I am going to try and get the Garden Alphabet stitched. This is a massive one and I am not anticipating getting it done within the year but it would be a real achievement if could. I think I have done three letters so far but there is the border and all the other little bits and bobs as well as the remaining letters to do. There is a picture of this in my Tuesday Sal link.

I have had lots of lovely charts for Christmas and I am hoping to get some of these stitched this year too so I am really looking forward to the extra time, I hope I am going to get now Christmas is over, stitching this year.

Thank you to you all for taking the time to read my blog, even if you dont leave a comment it is still nice to know you visit.


Here is a picture of Queen of the Needle todate, though I didnt get much done over Christmas and new year, I am looking forward to being able to do more in the future.


Vonna said...

Happy New Year to you also! I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful stitching in 2008!

Bliss said...

Happy New Year. You did brilliantly in 2007. I hope you top it off with more extraordinary stitching in 2008

Ann T said...

Congratulations on all your beautiful finishes, I look forward to seeing many more in 2008!

Carla said...

Happy New Year!!!
Great finishes in 2007! Good luck with your rotation for 2008 :)

Anonymous said...

Happy new year to you! Some great finishes for 2007 and looking forward to the ones for 2008 :)

Jaimie said...

Wow beautiful finishes for 2007. I hope your 2008 is just as productive. It sounds like you have a good schedule!
Happy New Year!

jane said...

well done on all your finishes - here's to many more in 2008! I love QOTN it is looking great!

Chiloe said...

Your finishes are gorgeous and inspiring!!! I love visiting your blog and checking the wonders you are stitching!!!

Andrea said...

Happy New Year!

Some wonderful finishes you have had in 2007. Good luck with your goals for 2008, I'm sure you will have many.

Karen said...

I love the JN design its so pretty congratulations on all of your finishes they look super.
Happy New Year to you and your family

Julie said...

Lovely to see your finishes all together. QOTN looks stunning, this really looks so much nicer that on the chart.
Yes Helen, UFO night starts next week 8th Jan, Mr Stick is limbering up LOL

Sally said...

QOTN is looking beautiful Helen. You're a wee bit further on than me.

Love the way you've displayed all your finishes together. Can't wait to see what you stitch this year:)