Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Queen and Samples

I have only been able to stitch in the evenings this week and I never seem to get as much done as when i stitch during the day. I think that stitching in artificial light tires my poor old eyes quicker.

For the above reason I didnt get a lot done on Queen this week so Sally is well in front of me again. I like what I have done though and it is such a pretty project that it would be hard not to enjoy it. However I hope I get on better next week as I was really looking forward to stitching the Bunny Rabbits.

With regards to the EMS 2008 Challenge I have been playing and making little blocks of colour that I thought might look right. No 1 is the original one I wanted to use. 2 is CC Dusky Rose, 3 is SSS Organic Raspberry, 4 is SSS Rose Hip, 5 is DF Impulse, 6 is SSS Fruit Punch and 7 is SSS Organic Strawberry. At the moment I am drawn between No 2 and No 7 though 2 is a little on the dark side and 7 a little on the light side lol. The others dont seem to have any variation in them and I might as well use a DMC thread which would work out cheaper if I am going to use a flat colour. I really wanted some variation and the last one seems to have the most. I might try and stitch one of the leaves in this at the weekend and then make up my mind. Might even stitch a leave in each of them so I can compare. I hate it when I have my mind set on a colour but cant seem to find it. My ideal would be a mixture of the top two which are both the sort of dusky colour I was after in the first place. Watch this space lol I could change my mind completely.

Tonight I have been working on my UFO and have nearly finished the E, again I had hoped to have far more done. I might take it over to Mums tomorrow and do a wee bit while I am there, though usually she has something lined up for me lol.

Thank you all so much for visiting your comments keep me going. Bless you all and happy stitching.


Mary said...

They really are all lovely in their own way! I hope you can decide on the perfect one. Good luck on getting in some stitching tomorrow.

Nicola said...

Helen, have you looked at the DMC variations threads? They are more varigated. I think, of those you've shown I prefer the last one.

QotN is looking so pretty.

Meg said...

Being new to your blog ... what is the EMS 2008 Challenge? Inquiring minds and all that. I really like your Queen of the Needle. It's so bright and cheery.

Jaimie said...

Q of the N is really coming along and looking great! Your finishes from a few days ago are spectacular!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your Queen of the Needle looks so pretty. Hard choice on those colors, that was a good idea to work up blocks of them though ;)

Jaimie said...

Hi Helen,
You have just been given an award! Jaimie from Lavender and Lace

Julie said...

QOTN looks super. I think i prefer the bottom one, but they always look so different on the PC than in real life.

Take care x

Karan said...

QOTN is progressing well Helen - love seeing yours & Sally's updates.
Hope you find just the right thread soon.
Hope your Mum is feeling better soon (((((hugs))))).

Sally said...

Queen is looking lovely Helen.

Hope your Mum is better soon.

Mylene said...

The Queen is progressing beautifully, Helen.
I hope your Mum feels better very soon.
Thanks so much for stopping by at my blog. I really appreciate it and your last comment makes me laugh and i think it's a great idea too.