Monday, 21 January 2008

Got My Sorting Hat On

I have not done any stitching today at all. I wanted to place an order for some more DMC threads, some threads I fancied for the EMS 2008 Sal and a couple more project boxes. Thats the trouble with trying to get things kitted up well in advance I am running out of both threads and boxes to put the kitted up threads in lol. First i decided to put away those threads not yet put back in the box from other finished projects, I am normally good at this but got a bit lazy about it round the christmas period and those loose bobbins soon mount up. Once they were all away I sat down with a DMC thread list and went through all my boxes noting what was really low or missing. Then I found a load of threads that had been duplicates but as some of them were ones I needed I sorted them and put the ones I needed onto bobbins and put them all away in the boxes.

Off to Sew & So to order my threads and boxes and thought it would be a good idea to order the last two of the International Hearts that I wanted (my daughter is paying for one of them for me - lovely girl). Also I had written to them at the weekend to ask if they would be stocking the new Lavender and Lace design. I fell in love with Isabella's Garden when I saw a picture of it on someone elses blog, and Keith said he would buy it for me. Anyway Sew & So have these charts on order and are expecting them in soon, so told me what to do if I wanted to pre order it, so of course that had to be added too. So all in all I have had a really good stashing day but as we are out tonight there will be no stitching at this house until tomorrow. Tomorrow is definitely catch up night for my Queen of the Needle SAL with Sally now. Lol Sally you will definitely get ahead of me this week, hope you have had a good stitching day on it.

I have also learnt how to put a signature in my blog - found out all on my own without asking for help so I am feeling quite proud of myself.

Also Cathy has nominated me for a MeMe thing where I have to tell you 7 things about myself. I am thinking lol and promise I will do this in the next few days Cathy.


Mary said...

So far, this has been my schedule as well. A holiday for me from work, but so far I've done nothing for myself and no stitching. Had high hopes of doing nothing but that today!

Anonymous said...

Here is an idea for pulling out floss to kit up: get some floss away bags and cut a section of floss off of each bobbin that you need and still have the bobbins kept in their box, have each color in a separte floss away bag. I have started putting my new floss in floss away bags because I don't like how crimped they get once I start getting towards the middle/end of the bobbin. I also tried the dmc stitchbow system and didn't care for that either because they hang loosely off of the bow and there is nothing to hold the piece that has been cut in place. My only problem now is how to organize all of these floss away bags, any ideas would be appreciated.
BTW, thanks for your input on my blog it is greatly appreciated.

Rachael said...

Hi Helen! I am in Derby,Not to far away from you,I used to cycle to Sawley to see a friend before I had a car or kids!!lol

Karan said...

You are so organised Helen. I've ground to a halt with thread sorting until the Thread Bear order arrives with more bobbins. When they get here do you fancy another job? ;0)

Sheilasembroidery said...

Sounds as if you're more organised than me, I've been sitting here this morning with my box of projects on one side and as I've just finished some pieces, I really must put things away and tidy up the mess around me. Thanks for giving me a nudge.

Sally said...

I am quite organised, well I like to think I am!! Lol!

had a good evening on Queen last night and am still in awe of how beautiful it is:)

Julie said...

I like to think i am organised, that is unless i've got a rush project on and then old stuff just gets thrown into the workbox to sort at a later date lol.

New projects i try to get a couple kitted up in advance so i am ready to start when i want to and of course spread the cost

Looking forward to seeing your QOTN this week