Thursday, 17 January 2008

How Does Your Garden Grow.

That is the name of the new freebie from Papillon. My newsletter arrived today and I fell in love with the speciality stitch version of this from the moment I saw it. I have been choosing and rechoosing threads on and off all day. It will be in 13 parts and will come out about the middle of each month. Oh dear I will probably have just gone off on holiday when the 2nd part of this comes out but at least it will make returning far more fun.

I didnt do anywhere near as well as I hoped with my UFO this week. I managed to finish the letter D but that was all. I stitched on it on Tuesday night and did the backstitch on Wednesday morning but like on Monday with Queen, nothing seemed to move. I dont think I was really in a stitchy mood, which is most unlike me.
Wednesday afternoon I restarted on Barnabee but again didnt seem to be making any headway on that either.
With the weather so wet and flood warnings all over our area there is not much I can do apart from keep warm curled up by the fire with my stitching so it was luck that today I have been really in the mood again and have done quite a bit on him which is better as I really would like to finish him this time. I havent taken a picture yet and hopefully by the time you see him he will be complete. I am really enjoying stitching him again now.
I am now going to go back and do a little more on him before I go to bed. Tomorrow morning I am going to see Mum, then I hope to stitch a little in the afternoon. Oscar is coming after school to stay for the weekend so I dont suppose I will get too much done over the next couple of days apart from playing Top Trumps or board games, but at the moment my plan is to stick with Barnabee till hes done.
Thanks once again for visiting my blog and hope you all have a wonderful stitchy weekend.


Cathy said...

Hello there Stitching Granny

Must tell you seeing all your work has inspired me to get some of my old UFOs out of the cupboard and have a good look at them. Will be setting some regular time aside as from next week Thank you :))

Anyway if you want to play comeover and visit my blog and you'll see I've tagged you. It is fun and will cause no harm


Anonymous said...

How does your garden grow is off to a good start. looking forward to seeing some more :)

Hope you enjoy your weekend with oscar :)

Sally said...

Isn't the new PC freebi gorgeous? I can't make up my mind which to stitch or when I'll stitch it! It might have to wait a while but I know when I do I'm going to have a right job picking colours!

jane said...

I love the new PC freebie too - don't know when I'm going to fit it in but think I must The speciality stitch version of course. Have a few ideas about colour, thinking of kind of faded country if that makes sense. I don't think it will be silks though.
Have a lovely weekend with Oscar, I love Top

Julie said...

I'm in this time too, i'l be stitching the Papillon freeibe, how cna i resist, it's gorgeous. I've been looking at colours too, what a choice ...
Looking forward to seeing Barnabeee again
Well done on the 'D'

Carla said...

I like the speciality stitches version of the Papillion Creations freebie too!
The letter "D" looks great!

Mary said...

Hi! I just found your blog late last night and must visit again and read more of the old posts. I see the Papillon 13 part sampler and simply must start it...if I can decide on colors! If materials are available in my stash may start this weekend, otherwise whenever can get to the Silver Needle. I'm fairly new to the blogging world, so come by and visit. Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

As always your work is wonderful. I haven't done any stitching for a couple of months. When the weather cools down and the days get shorter I am sure I'll start up again.


Jaimie said...

The flowers look so springy! I love this little freebie!

Karen said...

The D looks great
I can't wait to see the next instalment of the Jn Hope you had a good weekend not too much rain

Karan said...

I love the PC mixed stitch freebie too, don't blame you for succumbing. :0)
UFO Night piece is so pretty, enjoying watching it grow. Look forward to next update pic for Barnabee too.
Hope you're having a great time with Oscar. :0)