Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Update on Queen

Here is a picture of this weeks progress on Queen on the Needle. I cheated a bit as tonight I couldnt be bothered to sort anything else out and this was still on the chair so I have done the little urn tonight (sorry Sally) .
The colours really do look lovely.

Took Mum shopping today and then went to have a look at the Christmas display at one of the local garden centres but it was really disappointing this year. They hardly had anything there and what they had was overpriced rubbish. We are going to the rival garden centre on Thursday so I am hoping that will be a bit better.

Tomorrow I have to go to the bank - with my passport - would you believe that when I went in to put a cheque in yesterday they said that my account was now "out of date" and they would transfer it to a new account for me. OK I thought thats OK but the stupid rules wont let them just do that I have to go in with proof of who I am to do it. What is more annoying as that account is no longer running they had to confiscate my book so I have no choice but to do as they wish if I want to get hold of MY MONEY. I felt like saying well just close the ****** account and I will go elsewhere but they are all the same and I would have had as much if not more palaver.

Not long back we wanted to open a new bond for Oscar and we had to get his birth certificate from my son and dil. As I pointed out to the dear lady who did this for us - any man (or woman) in the country can walk into a register office and say he wants to register the birth of a child they ask for the date of birth, the name and where the child was born, they ask for no proof whatsoever, so how the hell is a birth certificate proof on anything.

Oh dear I think I am turning into a Grumpy Old Lady lol but these people do seem to have a real knack for bringing out the worst in folks.

On that I am going back to stitch - another christmas card lol so that will cheer me up again.


Julie said...

JN is so pretty Helen, i love it

I had the same sort of problem with DD's account when she turned 16, they wanted all sorts of ID to change it over to her, but when i said close it they did and handed over the CHW to me ... i could have been anyone!!!!

Karen said...

I love your JN design , I would have closed the account lol but then I am a grumpy old lady , my other pet hate with the banks is when you ring and they have a call centre in India or somehwhere daft and neither of you can undrrstand what the other is saying

Sally said...

I will let you off Helen:) Lol! It looks so pretty. I'm so pleased we decided to do this together.

It's ridiculous what you have to go through with banks these days.

Lelia said...

Beautiful stitching! Sorry to hear the bank is stuffy with your funds & you have to go thru the inconviences.

Carla said...

Queen of the Needle is looking beautiful!

Carol said...

This is looking really pretty Helen. I shall look forward to seeing more progress next week. :o)

Karan said...

Oh this is gorgeous Helen, I can't wait to see more. :0)
Don't get me started on banks,had enough of the H*****x after all the messing about over Dad's money, Grrr. Think I'd best go do some stitching too. ;0)