Tuesday, 18 December 2007

A Couple of updates

First off I have last nights update on the Monday SAL I am doing with Sally. I was busy trying to write Christmas cards - I know its a bit late but since I retired I seem to have even less time for stitching etc and I am all behind with everything this year. Anyway I didnt get a lot done but I was really pleased with what I did manage. The roses are quite easy and look good finished but a bit boring to stitch (well I thought so lol), and I have one more of them to do to finish this border.

The second one is my daughters Christmas sampler. The little box on the right I have left blank at the moment as I dont like the picture that goes in there very much so once I have finished the other stitching I will try and find something else that will fit in there.
It is a shame you cannot see the sparkle in this one. The red on the tree is done in metallic and also the red bits in the wreath. The tall half cross stitches are done in silver ribbon and there is a metalic silvery blue thread for the bs bits in the snowflakes, so it looks quite pretty in real life.
I think I am just over half way now so I am hoping it will be finished within the next couple of days. I would like to get the main stitching done today and then be able to just add the beads and that tomorrow but I will have to see as unfortunately I do have other things I have to do today besides stitching. lol life does get in the way.

Thank you for the lovely comments especially about the post on my Dad, you all say such lovely things.


Sally said...

QOTN is coming along nicely. I love the effect of those roses. I managed to get one done last night!

The Christmas sampler you're stitching for your daugher is lovely.

Karen said...

I am loving this JN you are doing with Sally, your sampler is coming along well

Cathy said...

Like the sampler - will loook ggod when finished

Depending on the size of the empty box maybe you could just put the date there as a reminder of which year it was given

That was a good article on Oscar


Julie said...

JN is looking stunning and i love the sampler for your daughter, she will be delighted

Sheilasembroidery said...

your daughters Christmas sampler looks great, hope you've found a suitable piece for the blank space


Karan said...

Great progress on the JN & Xmas sampler.
Yep, if it wasn't for having to do all the shopping, cooking, H word & other stuff we'd get so much more stitching done. :0)

Mo said...

Your SAL is looking good and that little sampler is lovely and bright. Have a great Christmas.

Concetta said...

Your Queen of the Needle project is coming along beautifully. I would love to do this one day, and look forward to seeing more of your progress. Merry Christmas!