Thursday, 13 December 2007

Update on an Olde

I stitched this one some years back for my dear friend Margaret. Since then she has had a couple more grandchildren to be added. Finn in 2004 and the latest little one is Theo.

I have just finished stitching the new name and date and I am going to give it a wash before restringing it and getting it back in the frame. We are going to their house for supper on Saturday so I want it ready to take with me.

Last night we went to see Oscar in his school play. It was called The Christmas Dream, and was a new slant on the nativity as two children sat before the Christmas tree wondering what it had been like when baby Jesus was born, they then fell asleep and dreamt they were there. It was very good especially as they were only 5 and 6 year olds. Oscar was a narrator and stood at the side of the stage telling the story as it unfolded. Oh dear another proud Granny moment lol.

I am still doing stitching on Charlotte and will have to get round to another picture of her, though I have had a busy few days and so not much stitching. Today I have no where to go and no one to see and though I do have things that must be done (still two cards need making and most of the rest still waiting to be written) and could do with doing some of the rude HW word, I am going to find a bit of "Me" space and stitch for an hour or two.

Thank you for the lovely comments on Charlotte and Queen of the Needle, and thank you once again for visiting and taking the time to read my blog.


Mary Ann said...

The grandchildren piece for your friend is gorgeous!!!

And, I wish you had not mentioned that "rude HW word". I prefer not to think about such things. :)

Be sure to take plenty of stitching"me" time today!!

Karan said...

Oh the grandchildren piece is gorgeous Helen - the fabric colour makes it all glow.
I can tell you were bursting with pride: well done Oscar, hope he enjoyed his part. I so miss those school nativity plays.
Enjoy your "me" time & I shall look forward to seeing an update of Charlotte: she's beautiful. :0)

Julie said...

What a wonderful piece of work, your friend is a very lucky lady to have you in her life.

Congrats to Oscar on his performance and to granny for clapping really loudly (i bet you did LOL)

Cheryl said...

This piece is gorgeous, what a wonderful heirloom this'll make!
Congrats to Oscar :)

Karen said...

Very nice, its a beautiful design

Sally said...

Well done to Oscar on his performance in the school play.

The grandchildren piece is lovely.

Thank you so much for the birthday card that arrived today:)

Karin said...

Your stitching is lovely! So nice to see you blogging.

Anonymous said...

That cross-stitch is beautiful. Your friend must be thrilled with it.

That Christmas play sounds simply gorgeous. You must be very proud of little Oscar.