Monday, 3 December 2007

Hardanger Angel

This is what I have been working on for the last couple of weeks. I had to adapt the chart a bit as it is designed for one of these dolls heads but I couldnt find one here in the UK and it would have cost about £12 / £14 to send to the USA for one which was more than I was willing to pay - especially as I want to make one for me too. This one is for my Mum. A few weeks back she had been having a sort out and remarked that she had loads of cards I had stitched but although she didnt want to part with them she really didnt know what to do with them so I thought I would stitch her an ornament this year instead of a card, that way she can hang it on her tree every year.
The chart was Emie Bishop's 2001 Angel. The dress should be stitched as one piece with a small hole where the head fits but I stitched the back and the front seperately altered the hole to make a neckline and then stitched it across the shoulders. Also although the wing were very pretty hardanger I had to back them with some "iron on" stiffner stuff which has spoilt the effect a little. The little doll cost me £2 from Asda. Overall however, I am quite pleased with the effect and will take her with me when I go to Mums tomorrow.

Today was SAL Monday but I wanted to make a start on a couple of special cards I have to stitch (I know I'm a bit late but better late than never lol). Anyway I got one done this afternoon and I have made a start on Queen of the Needle tonight. It is lovely to be using some colour on it at last. I havent got a lot done but I am pleased with what I have and will try and take a picture tomorrow. I wonder if Sally has carried on with the colour or done the 2nd Corner. It is lovely to have someone to stitch with and fun to compare what we have done each week so BIG THANK YOU SALLY.

Terri and I have decided that next year we are going to make an early start on stitched cards and on the first Sunday of each month we are going to stitch one in our own little SAL - if anyone fancies joining then please do.

Its been a horrid day today the rain has hammered down and its been so cold. By three o'clock I needed to put the lights on it was like night time. Then some silly woman on the weather said its quite mild at the moment - where do these people get there forcasts, I sometimes wonder if they are in the same country.

Oh well thats my little moan for the day lol so on that note I will say goodnight and wend my weary way to bed.

Thanks for all your comments they really are so much appreciated.


Edda said...

I just love your little Hardanger Angel Helen. It looks very beautiful. Sorry to hear you´ve been having a bad weather, hope it will improve soon. Have a nice day my friend.

Anonymous said...

Your angel looks amazing and I am sure your mum is going to love it! We have had horrible weather too!

Sally said...

Love your hardanger angel Helen. She is beautiful.

I carried on with the flowers last night but didn't get much done. I am enjoying doing this and it's great fun to have someone to stitch it with.

Karan said...

She's lovely Helen, so pretty. Looking forward to seeing an update pic of your JN too. :0)
Weather has been a little brighter here today but so cold, brrrr!

Carla said...

Just lovely!!

Anita said...

This is so impressive. I bet you are the Hardanger expert. Congrats on your grandson. It is so exciting to win the first place.