Monday, 10 December 2007

Some Plain Stitching & My Deco's

I have been so busy stitching Christmas cards (my own fault for leaving it so late) and I was beginning to get really bored. I just wanted to sit down and stitch something plain and simple. Not that the cards where difficult but I am not a great one for fiddling about with little things, I prefer to stitch bigger projects.

Anyway I looked in my rota to see if I fancied doing anything in there and Charlotte just started waving "me choose me" and so on Saturday & Sunday night I curled up in front of the TV with Charlotte and really enjoyed stitching her.

Tonight I will be stitching on Queen of the Needle again but I have not put Charlotte away as I think I may stick with her and get her done now she is out. Will just have to see how the mood takes me lol.

I also have some pictures of my Christmas decorations which you might like to see, though they are not as elaborate as many have seen in the blogs.

Thank you for once again visiting and reading my blog. I do so enjoy your visits but wish I could meet you all in person you sound such a wonderful bunch of people.


Vonna said...

A lovely home with most lovely decorating!
I love your WIP :) She's gorgeous!

Cathy said...

I like the look of your decorated mantlepiece - looks very oldyworldy (is that a word) lol

I do like reading your blog as it reminds to get on with all the things I have tucked away in my cupboards for 'Ron. Later that is.

Congratulations to Oscar - he is following in his artistic Grandmothers footsteps :))


Anonymous said...

I *love* your decorations, especially the little white angel standing by herself.


Sally said...

Your WIP looks brilliant Helen:)

Love all your decorations.

Karan said...

You have a lovely home & it's beautifully decorated Helen.
Not surprised Charlotte called to you: stunning piece. :0)

Carla said...

Lovely Christmas decoration :)
Charlotte is looking beautiful!

Julie said...

Your decs are super Helen, nice to see Charlotte out again, she's lovely

Karen said...

I love your tree and the rest of your decorations, your wip is super I have thought of getting one of these designs