Monday, 23 April 2007

Too Much Chatting..

I did think that my flower girl would be finished today but I have been a naughty girl tonight and been chatting on the computer instead of stitching lol. Never mind she should be done tomorrow and hopefully there will then be something to show you.

I had a lovely time on Saturday going into Nottingham with my daughter. I got three new tops and bought her a top and a wrap thing for when she comes out the shower. We also go her blinds in the bedroom sorted. So all in all it was a very nice girly day finished off with an evening at our friends for supper.

I am going to be late again this week with my UFO as my Aunt has come down from Larbert in Scotland to stay with my Mum for a couple of weeks. As I am not at work tomorrow I have promised to take them out for the day. I think we are going to go to the Denby Pottery Centre. Its not far from where we live but I have never been before so I am really looking forward to it, well apart from having two octogenaians in tow lol.


Julie said...

enjoy your trip Helen, i visited 2 octogenarians yesterday (dads sister and aunt) they are such fun and say the daftest things, but i love them both dearly !!!

Sally said...

Oooh Helen are you sure you dare be late with your UFO?!! Lol! Julie and Mr Stick will be after you!