Wednesday, 11 April 2007

I've Done It

Want to say an enormous, gigantic, great big thank you to Becky for all her help and patience with me in getting this sorted, but at last I have a Rota List in HTML that looks like a list and I can score through. I have done the list as I intend to start it next time round when Barnabee is done for this time, and have added Taj at the end as my new finish for next time. You will notice I have also included some more new ones in there as well so I am really looking forward to getting on with it.

I haven't had much time for stitching today as I was at work this morning and this afternoon I went to my Mums and then bought Oscar back with me for a few days so we have been playing games on the computer.

I have made a start on Serendipity but thats all I have had time for today so far. After he went to bed I came on here to try and get the rota thing sorted. So thats me now a happy bunny and I am off to at least make a bit on an impression on Dippy before I go to bed.


Stitcher said...

Well done Helen. I shall look forward to seeing you cross them off. I think I need to learn how to do this too.

BeckySC said...

YAY!! I knew you could do it :)

Lisa said...

The new rotation looks great Helen, lots of fun things in there. I think I'll need lessons as well soon on the crossing off lol.