Thursday, 19 April 2007

New Start

Been busy stitching over the last few days what with my wfb done and I have stitched the back and front and even made a tassel (quite proud of that as I've not made one before) for my scissor fob exchange. I will be off to the market tomorrow to see if i can get the ribbon I want and some toy stuffing and then will have fun making it up.

This morning I had to be home as I was expecting a delivery so I used the time to stitch on my UFO and I did a wee bit more on that this afternoon before putting it away. Then tonight I made a start on my new rota, at the moment I am stitching Flower Girl which I am hoping to finish this time round. I have finished her dress so just got two baskets to cross stitch and hundreds of french knots for the flowers to do lol, that should keep me out of mischief for a day or two.

Not much else happening at the moment round here. I have done a bit of gardening as the weather has been so nice but there has certainly been a cool wind with it today and tonight seems to have gone really chilly again.

Thanks once again for all your lovely comments, I love having people visit my blog and visiting everyone elses to see what you are all up to. Think at the moment I am queen of the rota system lol as so many of you have emailed me asking how I work mine. Think the one thing I can say to anyone working a rota is enjoy it and make it fun, its your hobby not a job, and I am looking forward to watching all these new rotas take shape.


BeckySC said...

Can't wait to see your fob :)

Julie said...

looking forward to seeing Flower Girl and your progress Celtic