Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Another Finish & Some UFO

I have had a very productive day. I just had to carry on with this one this morning as I was so close to finishing it. It honestly looks stunning in real life as the crystals catch the light so prettily. The design is called Sparkling Bluebells and its by The Sweetheart Tree. It should have been stitched in white with shades of blue but I chose to do it in cream with shades of pink. I was looking for a little heart charm for the design when I found just the one on a card makers stall at Ashbourne market. I think it cost me a mere 25p but it had a beautiful dark pink glaze in the centre and that was it I just chose the colours to match the heart.

I am sure Julie will forgive me as I did spend all this evening stitching on my UFO and again Im pleased with the results as the cloak is nearly done. I am not sure whether I will stitch the beads and gold to finish the cloak next week or whether I shall try to get more done on the dress, I will see how I feel on Tuesday. I didn't think you would want to see yet another picture of this but if you do you can see it in my webshots "Tuesday UFO" album at http://community.webshots.com/user/legranny

I had an email from Needlecraft Corner today and they are sending me replacements for the two Caron Waterlily threads that came in different shades so I am happy bunny about that too.

The absolute mystery may well stay as just that as I was not at all impressed by the part of the blackwork I have seen so far. Nothing that inspired me at all there and as I am certainly not short of projects I cannot see the point in even having a go at this one.

Talking of projects I think I am going to do a little reorganising of my rota for next time round. First I am going to discard Bless Our Home. I have done enough of this to know I dont really like it and I am not enjoying stitching it one little bit (I havent even taken a progress pic of it). Also I have not done enough of it for me to feel guilty at wasting time on it so its definitely going to be binned..

The other thing is that as I have had some finishes and know there are a couple of other projects in there that will be finished either next time round or certainly the time after, I am going to be left with mainly large cross stitch projects. I have a number of smaller projects - either hardanger or sampler type things and I think I am going to slot some of them in. I know if I am doing two or three large cross stitch ones, one after the other I shall get fed up so its time to add a little sparkle back in the rota I think.


Nicola said...

Sparkling Bluebells is gorgeous Helen! I love those colours, they really work well with the heart charm.

Sally said...

The ST is beautiful Helen. I love the colours you chose to use instead of the blues and whites.

I'm not doing the Absolute Mystery either!

BeckySC said...

Beautiful finish :)

Jacqui said...

WOW that's gorgeous.

Julie said...

love this finish Helen, so pretty

Celtic is progressing well too

Stitcher said...

This is absolutely Stunning. I love your chosen colours.

Mo said...

That is really beautiful, Helen. Beautifully stitched. I model stitched a Sweetheart tree anniversary sampler once - a lot of work.