Friday, 28 March 2008

Quick Queen Update

I wont have too much time for stitching over the next couple of days but I am hoping I might not be too far behind Sally by Monday as I am about to start the bottom section next.

Reveal day at the attic tomorrow and looking forward to seeing what everyone has done with this months challenge.

Have seen a lovely chart on Dawns blog, it is called "I Still do" by Ink Circles and so I am chasing a copy as I think this is just ideal as a memento stitch for my Ruby anniversary next year. As its 18 months away I might just about get it done in time lol.

Well sorry this is so short but I have to get into town and as the sky is very grey this morning I am hoping I can be there and back before the heavens open.


Rachael said...

Oh dear why did I look! thank Ink circles chart is lovely!! Queen looks stunning!
I hope you don't get too wet

Mary said...

I had to take a peek also, and now I'm thinking that would be another great one to add to the "wish list". Queen is just beautiful!

Julie said...

QOTN looks great, not long till a HD now.

Have a good weekend

Doris said...

lovely :D

Karan said...

Queen is stunning - am going to miss yours & Sally's updates when it's finished.
Have seen that IC chart on Dawn's blog too & it's gorgeous.
Hope you avoided getting wet!

Vonna said...

The Queen is looking DIVINE :)

Chiloe said...

You're right: this chart is beautiful !!!