Sunday, 9 March 2008

Moody Blues

I got about 500 stitches done on the HAED piece. I wouldnt mind so much all the confetti stitches if it looked like something but as most of it is tree then i dont think that will happen very much. I wasnt looking forward to starting it and I very quickly got fed up with it but still its 500 less to stitch next time lol (only another 161,200 to go).

I think I have a touch of the Moody Blues at the moment as nothing much is holding my attention. After the HAED I moved on to Blackwork House which is the next in the rota and I finished the filling in on the left hand front, but although i cannot say that I didnt enjoy doing it I soon felt fed up with it and couldnt be bothered to make a start on the other side of the house so this is how that one stands at the moment.

This afternoon I sat down to start on the monthly challenge but then the family descended on us so nothing got done. Hopefully will get some more done later. We had a little run into the garden between the rain so that Oscar could see how much frog spawn there was in the pond. Quite a lot though it seems to be rather late here this year. Unfortunately the arrival of the frog spawn means the pump has to be switched off and the waterfall will not be working for sometime. One year we didnt bother and the frog spawn quickly disappeared and we had milky looking water as it all went though the pump - i felt like a murderer so now we have to manage for a few months.

I think at the moment I have so many big projects in my rota that nothing seems to be moving very fast. Also I have a load of new or newish charts that I had for Christmas and my birthday last year that I really, really want to start and I am having to be very strict with myself. I do know that I am going to stick to adding smaller projects at the end of each round for a while so that they will probably be started in one round and finished in the next and hopefully will boost me a little. I do know when I look at the photos Ive taken and compare them to the ones I did last time but oh i would so much like to see some of those BAPS finished.

On a more cheery note, Karen has kindly offered to fix my fob for me. I actually had a number of offers but Karens was the first and I accepted before any others came in so please dont think your offer was not most appreciated if you were one of those who offered later. It never fails to amaze me what wonderful people are out there. We so often read of the low life that are about that we are inclined to forget that for every one of them there are lots and lots of lovely people in this world.


Itching To Stitch said...

I am feeling much the same as you. Not really into any of my stitching projects right now, but I'll never finish what I have started if I start something new. Like you, my projects tend to be big. Have a good week ;)

Julie said...

Blackwork House is looking really good. Well done on starting the HEAD, you've agot a long break till it comes out next time... just think tomorrow is QOTN and thats nearly finished, can't wait to see that on here

JinxedChilde said...

Your Blackwork House is really beautiful - you do such lovely work. I've enjoyed reading back over your older posts since I found your blog, and looking at all your amazing projects!

Dawn said...

It seems that the lack of interest is in the air at the moment! I just can't be bothered at the moment either :( more to do with personal stuff though rather than the stitching side of things!

Your HAED is looking good so far! I hate the confetti too but I promise you will look at it in the not too distant future and you will understand why you had to do them! Everything just pulls together somehow :)

I got your comment re the HDF threads and they are from Vikki Clayton in the US and they are really gorgeous threads! beware though as you easily become addicted :)

Karan said...

Nice progress on the HAED and I love the blackwork house Helen. :0)
Have you got post-holiday blues? Wouldn't be surprising when you come back to all this lousy weather - it's enough to bring anyone down.
Glad the fob will be fixed for you. :0)

Lynn said...

I admire any one who can do HEAD designs, there are SOOO many stitches to them lol

I love your blackwork house, it's stunning, well done :)

Sally said...

I have scrapped one of the HAEDs I was stitching Helen. I was in such a mood with myself I chopped the bit off I'd stitched and threw it. Strangely enough I don't regret it one bit!

Your Blackwork House is looking fantastic!

Karin said...

Your blackwork house is looking fantastic! I'm glad that you found someone to repair your fob - I know how special they can be.

Helena E said...

I love your Blackwork House.