Saturday, 15 March 2008

Cream Egg & Mojo Incentive

We have Ozzie staying with us this weekend and today we decided to go and do the Easter Egg Hunt at Sherwood Forest. He duly paid his £1 for the clue sheet which was not so much an egg hunt but a booklet of clues about Robin Hood and about the Forest past and present, which needed to be found and filled in. We spent about 2 and a half hours following the trail and as it was really a nice day it was very enjoyable. At the end we finished up back at the visitors centre where the sheet was checked and Ozzie got a Cadbury's Cream Egg. He also got his booklet back so he could remember what he had learnt. On the way home we decided to go via the Designer Outlet Village at Mansfield just for a browse around and while there we visited the Cadbury's Shop where cream eggs were 3 for 99p - lol we teased Ozzie that we could have saved a 1p and 3 hours in Sherwood forest if we had just gone there first - and we would have had an egg each.

This is Ozzie by The Major Oak in Sherwood Forest

I havent been here much this week as my stitching mojo did a vanishing act last weekend. I was not feeling my normal cheerful self but a dear friend stepped in by sending me a beautiful chart from Elizabeth Designs called "October Sky", which she thought might act as an incentive as it is all small sections. Well it seems to have worked and though I didnt have the fabric or the one special thread called for so decided to just go ahead with whatever I felt like and I have been having fun the last couple of days with this one just picking colours as I go along. If you want to see how it should look then just click here. I am stitching it on 32 count antique white evenweave and have used mainly Needle Necessities (now Threadworx) threads. As I am really enjoying stitching again - something I havent done for a week or two I am going to stick at this one for the now.

Part 3 of the Papillon SAL is now out too so I may do that before I go back to my rota and my SAL (sorry Sally) but I will see. At the moment I just feel that I am going to go where the mood takes me and not worry - I need to feel that I am enjoying my stitching again and not pressurise myself.


Cathy said...

Hello Helen

Nothing worse than doing things because you have to:(

The stitching mood will come back soon and being out in the 'fresh' air is good for you as (FRESH)as it might be.

That big old Oak tree is huge isn't it.

I have sisters who live at Milton and Clarborough (near Retford) who visit the Forest regularly.

Take care

Chiloe said...

Yes but for £1 you got more memories to share together than with a single trip to a shop ;) :-D

Julie said...

October Sky is a beautiful one, your is growing nicely.

Great pic of Ozzy to, glad you had fun on your day out

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Chiloe it was only said to tease him, we had a wonderful day with lots of laughs and lots of pictures to help keep those memories.

Lynn said...

what a lovely day out you had, I wish I lived closer to some thing like that :(

October Sky is lovely, and I love the colours you've chosen, well done :)

Stitching is meant to be a pleasure, so just go with the flow, I almost never end up doing what I say I'll do! Once I get in my stash I find some thing else I like better rofl

Christine said...

Thats really pretty Helen, I think I like it better on the pale packground you've used than the original

Karin said...

You've made great progress - congrats!

Rachael said...

October Sky looks lovely, I visited the outlet village a while back I love getting the bags of mis-shapes...Yummy! Looks like Ozzie was having a great time!!

Sally said...

Lovely picture of Ozzie and the Big Oak. Wow who would believe it's nearly 22 years since DH and I went to Sherwood Forest on the way back from our honeymoon!

October Sky is beautiful Helen. And don't worry about Queen. Just come back to it when you feel like it. I hope you won't mind if I carry on with it.

Karen said...

Great picture of Ozzie and the tree, looks like everyones mojo is out looking for mine lol mine went for a stroll weeks ago and hasnt found its way home yet, perhaps they are all meeting up for a party

Carla said...

Lovely start Helen!

Mary said...

Great's going to be lovely!

Karan said...

Oh haven't been there in ages. Sounds like you all had a lot of fun - can't get over how much Ozzie has grown up!
Reckon I like your version of the ED better - lovely colours Helen. Hope it helps entice your mojo back. :0)