Saturday, 8 March 2008

Framed and things

Unfortunately I could not get a very good picture of this. When I switched the flash off I just got a blurred image, and of course with the flash on I got the reflection, oh well this was the best one of several I tried. Also disappointing is that the colour of the inner mounting looks red on my computer but in actual fact is a mid burgundy shade which is exactly the same as the darker shade in the stitching. It does look lovely in real life - honestly lol.

For anyone who didn't see this when I stitched it here is what it looked like before framing, and if you are wondering why it is called "bluebells" when it is so obviously pink ;0) thats me changing colours again.
I recently pre-ordered the seven new Dinky Dyes silks which were due to be released at the Nashville show. Yesterday morning I got that lovely little pink package through the door which meant a delivery from Jaynes Attic. I was thrilled when I opened it as I love the new colours, the two burgundy shades being my favourites.

Now I have an embarrassing confession to make. Some years ago someone made me a beautiful fob in lovely soft lavender colours. The trouble being that with my memory I cannot be certain who it was that actually made it for me, I have an idea but I am not certain so do not feel I can approach the person I think it is, if you see what I mean.
You can see it attached to my scissors on this picture of 4 Wishes.
Whilst on holiday the fob suddenly just broke, shear wear and tear I think as these are the scissors I use most of the time. I managed to save it before beads went in all directions but I was really upset. Since getting home I have looked to see if I could mend it but to be honest I just havent a clue where to begin. I am wondering if there is anyone in the UK who would be willing to repair it for me. I am of course willing to cover any costs, but I really would like to get this dear little fob paired up with its tiny scissors again. If you would be willing to help please would you email me. Thanks so much in anticipation of some wonderful person out there being willing.


Anonymous said...

That Sweetheart Tree piece is simply magnificent! To be enjoyed and adored for many years I'm sure.

Andrea said...

Lovely ST you've had framed. Sorry can't help with your fob. Have you looked on the Focus on Finishing site? They have recently done a beaded fob tutorial(you'll have to go down the page a bit now though).

Julie said...

Bluebells looks wonderful, nice colours for the DD silks too.

Hope you get your fob fixed.

Karen said...

bluebells looks great all framed up

Stitcher said...

Your Sweetheart Tree is wonderful. As is 4 wishes. I'd be happy to fix your fob for you, although I'm no expert, and if you get a better offer.

Itching To Stitch said...

Your piece looks beautiful framed. Sorry your fob broke, I hope you can get it repaired ;)

Karan said...

ST is stunning Helen, the framer has done you proud. :0)
Sorry about the fob - had one do that on me too & it's still in bits in a box somewhere.