Monday, 17 September 2007

Nightmares and Good News

First my good news. I finally did it, I handed in my resignation today and I am finally and fully retiring on the 31st October. I cant wait. There have been a number of changes at work recently which I dont feel happy with, and there are more to follow. Added to this I have been feeling a little down just lately (sorry Im not going to moan) and finally I decided enough was enough and sat and wrote my letter. So now I have more stitching time to look forward to - that is unless my Mum decides I have more time for sorting her and her house out lol.
Right on to stitching and the Dippy border which has been a nightmare. I always leave a good border round big projects as I like to have plenty to play with when I am stringing, but I had not counted on doing an extra border on this. Although it was very simple it was awful to stitch as I was working only about an inch from the edge of the fabric so I couldnt use a frame or hoop and the thread kept catching on the fabric edge. It took ages to work it out as there was such a limited amount of space and then because I had worked to the edge of the fabric I had to use adhesive board as there was nothing left for stringing. For some reason the top right hand border just pops under the edge of the mount and when i tried easing it in a little the fabric just creased. So I am afraid for now it is going to have to remain as it is and if I find I cant live with it then I will just have to do what my hubby suggested in the first place and put some ribbon behind the mount. In fact I really do wish I had heeded his advice in the first place but for goodness sake dont anyone tell him I said that he he he.


jane said...

congratulations on taking the plunge Helen, hope you enjoy your retirement

Anonymous said...

I think it looks wonderful! And congratulations on your upcoming retirement. A brave decision.

I found you at last! You left a comment on my blog about the fabric but I couldn't get hold of you. Your profile doesn't link to your blog and I didn't realise Stitchingranny and Stitchery Nook were the same person lol. I can be so dense sometimes! The answer is yes btw, I would be interested. Can you email me (email address on my blog in the about me section) and we can have a chat about it?

Julie said...

I hope you have a wonderful 'full' retirement, dippy looks lovely Helen

Lisa said...

Congrats of your upcoming retirement, I hope you enjoy it.
Dippy looks great just as she is.

Nicola said...

I hope you enjoy your retirement Helen. Serendipity looks fantastic.

Sally said...

Congratulations on your upcoming retirement Helen. I've missed so much in blogland this week!

Dippy looks gorgeous.