Friday, 7 September 2007

Harrogate Show

Or the Great Northern Quilt and Needlework Show to give its full title. We set off this morning and amazingly there was very little traffic on the M1 so it only took us one and half hours to get there. There was not as many cross stitch type stalls as there has been in the past though I know a lot of the stall holders did not attend because of moving it to the end of the year, instead of in April as usual. Mostly it was quilting which we enjoyed looking at and also this meant lots and lots of fabric stalls so I got a few bargain pieces for backing pinkeeps etc.
Here is a picture of the main stash I bought and here is one of the 4 bargain packs I got . I bought these kits for the fabric that was in them mainly. The blue pack had a lovely pale sage coloured linen 28 count fabric (which turned out to measure 17 inches square) and I could see there were a few threads in there too. The other three contained an ivory coloured linen fabric, again 28 count and they turned out to measure 20 x 27 inches, so the fabric alone was worth the money (just under £14 for the 4). When I opened them I was quite amazed at the amount of threads there were, and there was also some beads and 4 full skeins of DMC metallic threads. Here is a picture of the contents - minus the charts themselves, which I was not interested in.

Think you will agree that was quite a bargain.

Thank you to everyone for their lovely comments on Heirloom Christmas. Jane, if you are reading this I will try and remember to email you as I am sure I must be about where you are by now.


Mo said...

Wow, that's some selection of threads. I often just split up unwanted kits and use the threads.

Sally said...

Lots of nice stash there Helne. Good idea getting reduced kits for the fabby and threads.

BeckySC said...

WOW, great stash, Helen :) Enjoy!!

jane said...

Great stash Helen - do let me know about HC, I will try and dig it out

Julie said...

what a bargain you got Helen