Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Does Anyone Know ....

.... and if so can you possibly explain to a techno-phobe, how to put a link to my email address in here.



Carol said...

Hi Helen, were you wanting to add your e-mail address to your profile. To do this click on 'view my complete profile' at the bottom of your 'about me'. Here you should see 'Edit Your Profile'. From here you'll be able to select to show your e-mail address. Hope this is what you were after Helen! :o)

Anonymous said...

If you were wanting to put it in your actual post rather than your profile, you need to do it similar to linking to another blog. Highlight the word you want to be the link, click on the little icon that looks like a paperclip with a globe behind it and it will bring up a little box for you to type a link in. You can either copy and paste a link in here or if you want to change it to email, delete the http:// bit and write mailto: and add your email address without leaving a space.

Hope this makes sense.