Friday, 21 September 2007

Look What The Postie Brought

Wow I had a very, very belated birthday pressie from Dusty today and just look what was in it .

This scissor fob is just so, so me.
I love it and I am now tempted to buy another pair of scissors in either plain silver or green to match it.

There was also this chart for a beautiful hardanger angel which I am hoping I might be able to do for christmas, though I dare not start it before the holiday.

Also this adorable little bee button which is made of wood.

There was also some pieces of fabric for making ornaments, two little christmas kits, some perle threads, some Tribizond Thread (for Queen of the needle, some iron on transfers, some stick on motifs and 101 (no not dalmations lol) DMC threads.

Dusty I just cannot begin to thank you for this gift it is absolutely stunning.

The postie also returned my wfb to me today and I was so thrilled with it that I just had to frame it at once. I had intended to stitch beads on it when it came back but on seeing it completed I really didnt think the beads were needed. I had the frame in the house and I just added some silver snowflake stickers to brighten up the mount.
Thanks so much to both AnnP and Terri for your lovely work on this one.

I also framed both India and Jayne at long last.

I would also like to thank Karen and Carol for there tips on getting my email link into my blog and you can now contact me by hitting the contact label in my side bar.


Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Those look gorgeous! I especially like the snowmen and the stickers you put on the mount look really good don't they.

I can't see the email link in your sidebar.

Ann T said...

What a lovely day!, gorgeous framed pieces and a stash parcel.

jane said...

I love the way you framed your wfb, Helen and what a great stash pressie from Dusty

Christine said...

Wow Helen, what a great gift.

I love your snowflake picture. I did one of the flakes on its own a couple of years ago as an ornament, but they look absolutely stunning worked together

Sally said...

What a beautiful gift you received from Dusty:) The scissor fob is gorgeous.

Love your framed pieces.

Sheilasembroidery said...

Dusty is a star, what a lovely pressie. Your wfb's look just right in that frame well done

Karen said...

your late pressie was worth waiting for it's fab, the framed pictures are stunning

Julie said...

Well done on the framing, they all look wonderful

Nice pressie from Dusty

Carla said...

WOW! Fantastic birthday gifts!
Love your framed favorite is the one with the snowmen...they are so cute!!

Ish said...

You were spoilt rotten... quite right too... Dusty is a star

Your pieces look fab all framed