Saturday, 30 December 2006


I have been quite busy over the last few days but have managed to find a little time for stitching - of course.

This is Mother Earth to date and I am hoping to get the cutting done to day. Then just the wrapping and the beads to do. I have never done suspended beading before so looking forward to the challenge, though I must admit to being rather apprehensive about my ability to do it.

I shall let you know and hopefully post another picture in the next few days.

I have everything ready now to start my Heirloom Christmas on the 2nd January. I am doing this as a SAL with Elaine from the Stitch and Stash group at Jaynes Attic, and we are hoping to do so much each month finishing (with any luck) in August.

My goals for 2007 are to get this done on time and apart from this one, to try and stick to my rota and turn some of my WIPs into finished items. Also I must get round to posting a list of my WIP rota in here and putting a picture on each time I update a project.


jane said...

Mother Earth is looking great Helen - you will be fine with the suspended beading, it's a lot easier than it looks. I was apprehensive too but quite amazed when I had completed it. It's one of those designs you keep looking at and saying "did I really do that"
Good luck with Heirloom Christmas - I did mine as a SAL in 2005 but it still isn't finished - perhaps seeing yours and Elaine's will inspire me to get it out again.

Lisa said...

Mother Earth looks gorgeous Helen, I love this design myself.
I'm getting Heirloom Christmas from DH for my birthday, but don't know when I will get around to starting it lol. One day ....

Stitcher said...



Ish said...

Mother Earth looks stunning. HAve fun beading

Have a Happy Hogmanay, all the best for 2007