Thursday, 14 December 2006

I can't find my angels

I had an horrendous afternoon yesterday. After finishing work I was dashing down the by-pass to my mums when the tyre blew on my car. I managed to glide into a country lane which was coming up so I was out of harms way luckily. Would you believe it I had not renewed my AA (completely forgot about it) which was due last month and I was just on the phone to my hubby when a little old white van with 2 angels appeared.

My Angels in disguise got out, they were 2 big (and I mean big) rough looking chaps. But they said they could change the tyre in no time. To worsen matters when they got the spare out of the boot it was flat. This didn't phase them in the least, one went off to find a local garage and get the spare blown up while the other took the wheel off. The first chap was back in no time and despite the fact that the tyre in question was still "leaking" a little they said it would get me to my destination. In fact after replacing the tyre they followed me part of the way to check I was ok.

I was so shaken up at the time I never thought to get their names and only remember the van was small white and had the name Speeds in blue on the side.

This morning I have phoned every firm in the region with that name but the van does not describe their vans so I cannot find who they were to thank them properly.

I have always thought that people were often kinder than we give them credit for but these two were real "Angels in Disguise" and whoever they are and wherever they are I only hope there are angels there for them if ever they are needed.

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Jacqui said...

Oh wow, angels indeed. You were very lucky, there's not many people in the world like that, but then you find someone who surprises the heck out of you. It doesn't happen often.