Monday, 19 August 2013

The Joy of Computers..

Hello again my friends,

When computers work they are the most wonderful invention, but alas when they do not work they are the most frustrating and annoying thing you could ever find.  My wonderful computer I received for my birthday, very soon became a nightmare.  To start with I could do hardly anything for ads all across the screen, we turned on the pop up blocker, but it only eliminated a few of them.  A friend said they were more likely banners so we found the spot and blocked them.  Hurray I was free of the beastly ads, but I am afraid I was not free of the problems.  I could not load many of the web sites I normally visit.  I could not post on here and I could not access any of the blogs I follow.  After it going back twice they admitted they had been having a lot of problems with Windows 8 and gave us a refund.  The result of this was that my lovely hubby took my old computer to our local computer shop where it was fitted with windows 7, the memory was extended and it had a new wifi chip installed.  It is now working wonderful and the only problem I have had is that my signature has disappeared from here - hardly world shattering lol.

At last I can announce that the winner of the beautiful "Garden Bounty" chart is Christine, from the Alchymysts Study.  I was thrilled about this as Christine has been following my blog almost since it began. 

I am off on holiday in the morning but if you email your address to me Christine then I will get it in the post to you asap when I return.  We are taking our 11 year old grandson to Malta for a week before he begins his first term at "big" school. 

I am spending my coffee breaks browsing through all my favourite blogs and for once being able to leave comments, so if I haven't reached yours yet then be assured that I shall get there soon.

I thought I would do some catching up on my knitting after finishing Garden Bounty, but I am not really enjoying knitting like I used to so a couple of rows and I start to get bored.  So out came fairies again.  I haven't done and awful lot on it but am almost to the top of the foxglove, with each tiny flower using 4 colours and the tiny leaves using three there is a lot of starting and stopping but I think I have made fairly good progress. 
 I still have quite a way to go on this but it will be mainly backstitch and adding all the beads.  The only cross stitch to do is finishing the flowers and a few little creatures to add. Luckily the main backstitching has been done as each little section has been completed, but the trellis frame and the vine that goes round it will take quite a lot of work I think.

Thank you once again to one and all for reading my ramblings and the those who do find the time to leave a comment for me, I appreciate them so much so a big thank you.

Till next time, hugs to all


May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Anonymous said...

Hello Helen

I'm glad to hear that you're computer problems are solved, sometimes new technology is a pain.

I love your stitching, this design is so sweet!
Hope you have a lovely holiday in Malta with your Grandson.
Bye for now.

Julie said...

Congratulations to Christine.
Have a wonderful holiday, this school holiday seems to have whizzed by for the children.

Cindy in Oregon said...

So, I know NOT to upgrade from W7 to 8! Glad things are smoothed out for you.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous stitching, love the flower

Brigitte said...

Oh my, good to know that the computer issues are now behind you.
Fairies is such a nice piece and I'm so curious to see what it looks like when finished.
Have a great holiday on Malta!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Faires is looking lovely. I've seen this piece finished in person and its adorable.

Sally said...

My DH has just bought a laptop with Windows 8 on. So far so good but will tell him to keep and eye out for any problems. Glad you got a refund and your old computer upgraded.

Congratulations to Christine.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Fairy is looking gorgeous.