Thursday, 1 August 2013

Hello folks,

At the moment my computer is driving my mad, I think it really is time I thought about getting a new one.  For the last week I have been trying to do a new post to my blog but although it seemed to load OK and I could come onto the page for New Posts it would not let me write anything.  I have now discovered theat if I delete my signature and keep typing then I am OK but if I stop typing to add a picture or anything the only way I can start again is by deleting something else lol.  O this is going to be fun.

I have done a little more on Water Pump but I can so temptingly see the end in sight so I am sticking with it.  This picture was taken on Monday and I have done a little more since then. 

Progress has been slow due to lots of time out with my grandson but as we speak my hubby is heading to collect them and take them to the airport as they start their two weeks holiday.  This means we are now doggie sitting for two weeks but apart from walks the dog doesnt need as much attention as my beloved grandson so I am holding out high hopes of happy dancing soon.

As we go away a few days after their return - taking my grandson with us - then the computer is not going to get a lot of attention until later in the year, so please bear with me on this.

I was going to share some of the pictures from our days out but as this is being so troublesome I won't bother.  Enough that I got a picture of my stitching up

Hope to see you all soon, thanks for the kind comments and for visiting

Helen xx
May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Brigitte said...

Great progress on this lovely project. Can't wait to see your happy dancing with it, lol.

Andrea said...

Oh dear, these things are sent to try us as they say! Great progress, I hope it's not too long until we see it finished.

Julie said...

And they say technology is quick and fast and benefits us...... Enjoy your hols.
Being a grandparent is so rewarding, my little granddaughter and I have such fun times together.

Chris said...

Oh dear I can commiserate with computer 'joys' !!LOL But my lovely hubby has just bought me a new laptop.. I love him, I do, I do!!
My friend reminded me that it was you stitching Fairies At The Bottom of My Garden... how is it going as you did say I could have it when you had finished it.. what magazine is it from because Cath (stitchinchicken)thinks she may have it?
Enjoy your time with your grand son
Chris x

Christine said...

Computers, can't live with them, can't live without them!
Great progress