Tuesday, 2 April 2013


Yes I am afraid I have to have a visit from the frog this week.  I was getting on wonderfully with Fairies, but alas when I went to my stitching group there was too much chatter and laughter, and not enough concentration, so I made a mistake.  This is where I had got to

it may not look a lot but there were a lot of little confetti bits I had to fill in and then lots of back stitching.  At least now I know when I start again its going to be a little more straight forward to follow.

the pink flower just above the red fairy is what needs frogging.  I cannot work out where it went wrong so I am going to frog all of it and start again.  As I am now going back to this one that will be my first job tonight.

I moved on and did some more on The Water Pump, and I am pleased with how that is going at the moment, in fact I could cheerfully stick with this one as I am really enjoying it.

As both these pieces have lots of bitty stitching in them I am thinking of bringing something else into the mix which has more blocks of colour but we will see.  I am mostly enjoying the fact that I can see some progress on both pieces and as I feel its a long time since I had any stitching progress this is quite a reward.

I wanted to thank everyone for the very kind comments they have left.  Whilst my blog is mainly a way of recording what I stitch for myself - I think taking regular photos you see more of the progress you make - it is also a nice feeling when people are so kind, and this spurs you on too. 

I have now joined Bloglovin', and though I lost many of my old contacts when Bloglines closed I am enjoying finding new and exciting blogs to read.  I have seen some lovely work out there and also seen a few new charts I would like.  One in Mylenes blog called A Place We Call Home, took a little tracking down as she had it down as a Little House Needlework one and its actually by Country Cottage Needlework.  I just had to have this one as I lovely the sentiment expressed in it so once it arrives it may come into my rota.  Another couple I have seen that I really love are a beautiful Victorian Heart, and one called Pension Day though I have no idea who that one is by.  Maybe if the person stitching it reads my blog they will be kind enough to tell me.  Oh so many charts and oh such a small amount of time. 

Another thing that I have found is that my tastes have changed over time.  I have a number of kits and charts in my stash that I loved when I got them, I know now I will never stitch them.  I think I am going to have to have a real sort out and see if I can sell some of them on ebay.  As I have never sold anything before in this way it will be another fun challenge to add to my life.

Please God, if you have any to spare, could I have some more hours in my day.

All for now and thank you for taking the time to visit me here.


May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Kay said...

Lovely work, it is so annoying when things go wrong though.

Christine said...

Drat those frogs! Both projects are looking lovely

Ann T said...

'Pension Day' K5558 from DMC, I have a link for it, will pass it to you when we chat

Julie said...

Shame the frog came for a visit!

MrsM said...

Hello :)

Just happened upon this blog as I googled "There are fairies..." cross stitch. I am also stitching this piece at the moment, and am also in Derbyshire! I say, at the moment, it's actually been on the go for years, but I have done more in the past week than in the past two years. Mine is on Aida and doesn't look quite so professional, but it's lovely to think of someone else nearby, stitching the same thing :)