Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Hello dear readers, thanks so much for visiting. 

I have not had much stitching time this week, to be truthful I rarely get enough stitching time, there always seems to be something else I must do.  However what I did get was enjoyably spent stitching fairies.  The predicted frogging was not as bad as it seemed and once I had sussed out what was wrong - not the flower but the little blue blob to the right of it was in the wrong place - it took no more than a couple of minutes to frog and restitch, and a big sigh of relief from me.  So here is the progress thus far

I am now going to go back to the water pump for a few days.

The kitchen is done, just awaiting the arrival of a splash back and the new blind to be delivered.  We were not going to bother with a spashback behind the hob, but a few days of cooking and a lot of little splash marks (only like tiny water marks but they show up nontheless) has made us revise that decision, which is why we are only now awaiting its arrival. 

Right off to get showered and dressed and ready to for my daily visit to Mum, then hopefully I  am going to sit down and actually spend an afternoon stitching - thats if nothing else decides to demand my attention lol - such is life. 

All for now

May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Julie said...

A nice colourful project to be working on.

Sally said...

It's looking lovely Helen.

Christine said...

It's looking fab Helen

Rach G said...

Fairies looks great Helen