Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A sort of update

This is going to be a very quick update and not an uptodate update at that lol. 

Now if you followed that you are on the same wave length as me and I am not sure what that says about you.  I took pictures the other week, ready to do my blog the next day.  However the next day had other plans for me and I woke with the runs and feeling sick.  I had picked up a bug and it knocked me off my feet for a week - so unfortunately not only was I unable to post but I have not caught up with bloglines and blog reading either, so apologies if I have not read and commented on your blog recently.

Here are the two pics I took -

First is The Water Pump

I was really pleased with the progress I had made on both pieces

and second is Fairies

since these were taken I have done quite a bit more on fairies but will have to wait for another week or so before I can show you that one. 

We are going down to Andover on Friday for a week, its the annual meetup down that way for our stitchy group.  I am going to make a start on something new I think as both fairies and water pump need far more concentration than i will have on Saturday - though to be fair I know I will be lucky if any stitching actually gets done lol.  A bit more tomorrow and then it will go away again.  When I get back the water pump will be needing an airing.

Sorry it has been such a rushed posting and hope you will all understand.

Thanks as always to all those who take the time to read my ramblings and to those who are kind enough to leave me a comment, all of which are greatly appreciated.

Bye for now and big hugs to all who need them

May your frogs stay in their ponds.


mbroider said...

Lovely stitching!! I am in love with the water pump one - not sure if the blue birds are enticing or your stitching

Dani - tkdchick said...

Both projects are looking lovely, sorry to hear you were unwell.

Andrea said...

Both pieces are looking great. Sorry to hear you are not 100%. I hope you are having a good time away.

Chris said...

Hi Helen

Its lovely to read you're posting again albeit you're not well. Hope you're better soon.. I read back about your Mum, sorry that she has had to go into a home but with that awful desease its the best place for her safety. I thought I was a follower but I wasn't so put that right, you used to leave such lovely comments on my blog. I love both these designs, and the stitching is beautiful. Sorry about the frogs they get everywhere, I get them too!LOL
Bests and happy days
Chris xx

Brigitte said...

Both your projects are adorable. I particularly love the piece with the pump, it's just the sort of designs I love stitching myself.
I hope you were enjoying your annual stitchy group meeting.