Thursday, 24 April 2008

Me And The UFO

I'm back and I want to say thank you to everyone who has sent me cards, messages or just asked after me on their blogs.

I woke to the alarm at 5am on Saturday and though I still felt a little croaky I had no sign of a temperature and my nose had stopped racing for England, so I went off to the hospital with fingers crossed. We arrived at the hospital at 7am and I was shown to my room, Keith stayed for 10 mins then went flying of to Ikea to get a sideboard thing for my DD. It was Ikea's 21st birthday and they had a 21% off day, a saving of just over £25.00 so well worth the effort, lol.

Anyway to cut a long story short by 8.45 I was in theatre having whatever they give you to send you to the land of nod and the next thing I know was I was in bed feeling sick lol. I always have that reaction to anaesthetic so it was something that was expected. Everything had gone as planned and by 10 am the next morning Keith had arrived to bring me home. So it was all really rather uneventful.

I am now recovering really well. I had the keyhole variety of op so three teeny tiny cuts which are all healing beautifully, very little pain, the only downsides so far being a rather multicoloured left hand (shades of yellow, brown, purple and red) and a belly full of gas that makes me both look and feel like a hot air balloon, and of course the normal restrictions where bending or stretching are concerned. On the upside I feel wonderful, I dont think I had realised how much that thing was pulling me down until now. I am bursting with energy, which I am having to hold on a tight rein lol, and I dont fall asleep everytime I sit down. I cant wait to get in the garden and I am noticing alsorts of jobs I really want to get at. I feel like I have been given a new lease of life.

Now for some stitching. I have been doing some cards and things which have been posted off without me taking a picture - sorry, and I have done a little more on my UFO - pic below. I am also working on a Love Quilt square of a cat for a girl in the UK. Hoping to get my daughters birthday card and the cat finished within the next couple of days and then hopefully I can get on to Gigi as I keep seeing pictures of the 4th part and it looks as though it will be quite a quick stitch. By next week I am hoping to get back to my rota at long last. I have decided that I will do the rota in the week and keep the weekends free for SALs or anything else that takes my fancy.

I hope I can get my pictures into webshots tomorrow as last week it was not playing again. Does anyone else have the same trouble, its fine when its working but so often it just gets so far and tells me its unable to upload my pics. I save them as JPEGS and none of them are large so I dont think I am doing anything wrong.

On a last note I am trying to get through all your blogs and leave a comment but its taking so long, there is so much to catch up on from all you busy bees lol, so please bear with me if I dont seem to have visited for a while.

and finally (honest) Kate at Our Red House tagged me to do a meme on why I like blogging, however she expressed it all so beautifully in her blog that I am going to ask you to just visit her and read what she wrote. Please forgive me for that Kate but I cannot think of anything that you had not already said far better than I could.



Erica said...

Hi Helen!
So glad you are on the mend!
I was checking your blog for updates. It must be winderful to have all that overwith. Now you can go ahead and have a lovely summer!
Speedy mend!

Karen said...

good to hear you are on the mend
your garden alphabet is coming on well

Lynn said...

Lovely to see your back and feeling so much better :)
GA is looking gorgeous, I love the colours :)

Vonna said...

I'm so glad to hear that your feeling just the thing and that the surgery went by without any issues :)

A sure sign of health and well being is seeing all the things that need/want to be done and you actually "want" to do them...I love that feeling!

Your WIP is looking super great ;)
Have a superior weekend Helen!

Sally said...

Lovely too see you back, Helen, and pleased to hear that everything went well and you're feeling well:)

Love your WIP.

Mylene said...

So glad to hear you are feeling well, Helen.

Garden Alphabets is coming along great.
Have a nice weekend.

Karan said...

Glad you're back & doing so well Helen. :0) Don't forget that you're supposed to be taking it easy though!
GA is looking lovely.
Hope you're having a good but restful weekend. :0)

Julie said...

So pleased all went well and you were not in too much pain.

Garden Alphabet looks lovely

Anonymous said...

I'm glad it all went smoothly.