Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Birds In The Roses

I have been stitching a little though I have been very busy the last couple of weeks and have not had as much stitching time as I would have liked.

Anyway at last part 4 of EMS Roses is done and I now have two little birdies to sit amongst my roses. I am really enjoying this, I think mainly because there is very little in the way of colour change so it seems to stitch up really quickly.

I have also been working steadily on my UFO, sometimes (more often than not) just a few stitches but again it is growing. I havent taken a picture of this to show you tonight though as I want to try and get some more done on it tomorrow and then I will take a picture.

It was a beautiful morning but typically this afternoon when I had to take Mum for her chiropody appointment and then on to do shopping it was pouring with rain. Luckily I was able to park right next to the Health Centre in a disabled spot, but when we got to Asda all the disabled spots were as usual taken and though we did manage to park fairly near to the door by the time we got in there we were soaked. If I had been on my own I could have done a run but Mum at 81 is getting a little unsteady on the old pins and there is no way she could have done a run for it lol. And if she reads this I will have a thick ear to look forward to for calling her old lol.

Talking of Mum she has just had a new computer, her old one she has had for about 10 years and it was an old one when Dad bought it for her, but at 70 she decided it was time she came into the 21st century and learnt to use a computer and at the time it was ideal. Anyway to cut a long story short she wanted me to download incredimail for her as this is the way she is used to dealing with her emails and she was finding them confusing as they were. I switched on the computer and hey presto the vista screen had gone upside down. We switched it off and then on again but no it was still upside down. I phoned my DH - you can imagine what he said lol - what had I done to it and it was fine when he set it up - well thats the polite version lol. But he didnt know what could have caused it so told me to leave it until he could go and sort it out. He phoned back 10 mins later, he had been chatting with the IT guy at work and he had told him how to sort if - it really is quite simple as its just a right click on the screen (doesnt work on my computer but works on vista), which brings up a menu and you can rotate what you see on screen, so if you really want to stand on your head to use the computer you can turn the picture upside down or even sideways. Having said it was easy the air was rather blue as with the screen being the wrong way round the mouse was too and its very disorientating going left for right and up for down etc with the mouse.

Well its creeping towards midnight and I am tired out so I will say goodnight and go and get ready for my bed, and I will try and post a picture of my UFO tomorrow night.

And for anyone who is still here after reading all that - thanks you deserve a medal.



Vonna said...

Your EMS sampler is growing steadily and I love the addition of the birdies amongst the roses :)
Good for you Helen!

tkdchick said...

Your EMS piece is looking lovely!

Lynn said...

EMS is looking gorgeous, I really like the look of this one :)

You had me laughing at the thought of you standing on your head to see the screen rofl

Anonymous said...

Your EMS Rose sampler looks superb,It makes me want to stitch on mine!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Oh my, this piece is just stunning ;)

Mylene said...

EMS Rose sampler is looking great.

Julie said...

EMS looks lovely, its going to be a stunning piece.

Mr Stick and I are really looking forward to seeing your UFO piece LOL

Doris said...

your EMS roses, grow beautiful,i really enjoy sitching the litle birds ;)

Sally said...

Ow wo your EMS sampler looks gorgeous!

Karan said...

Oh EMS is another stunner!
Sounds like your Mum is doing really well - certainly feisty. :0)
Think I'll leave Vista well alone - don't fancy that happening. LOL