Wednesday, 24 October 2007

This & That

What a frustrating week. First the light went in my stitching lamp and when I changed the bulb still nothing happened. It appears that the transformer has died and I am now in contact with the manufacturers to try and get a new one but it is really annoying as it means I cannot stitch with it in the evenings.

Second my computer died. At the moment I can get into Keiths computer to read my emails and update my blog but I have no access to any of my documents on here and that includes my Easy Cross Programme - oh I want to cry sob sob.

On the good side because I have been unable to stitch in my den during the evenings I have been downstairs and getting on well with Ink Circles. I have had a little time for stitching in the day and I am doing "Fairies At The Bottom of My Garden" still which I am really enjoying at the moment. I will show you a picture of this when I have made a little more progress.

Also on the good side I ordered Amber and Jasmine yesterday from Choices Embroidery and was thrilled when they popped through the door this morning. They had emailed to say the order would be dispatched within the next couple of days but with free delivery on UK orders I expected them to be sent 2nd class and so was not expecting them to arrive until next week. Here is a pic though it really does not show them at their best and I would not have ordered them if I had not seen them at the recent Harrogate show. Just goes to show that its not only us who do not get the best from a photograph.

As I am having to use Keiths computer my time on here is quite limited so I am trying to visit other blogs but it is taking a while to get through them all so if I have not left you a comment recently I do apologise and will hope to be back to normal soon.


Sheilasembroidery said...

Hi Helen, split stitch look at which tells you that Split stitch is also known as Kensington outline stitch. Since split stitch follows curves well it is used for outlines. It is also extremely effective worked solidly as a shaded filling. Worked solidly it can create a brush-stroke quality in embroidery. It is an easy stitch to master, quick to work and produces effective results.

It was used during the Middle Ages for embroidering figures. Split stitch became one of the preferred stitches of the embroiderers of 'opus anglicanum' where it is worked on a fine scale in a dense manner following the contours of features making the modelling of faces and hands very life like.

Anonymous said...

I've had one of those days too with bulbs going, internet connection not working etc. What a pain eh.

Ink Circles is looking great. I love the colours.

If makes so much difference to what you buy stash-wise if you see it actually stitched up. I go to the Manchester show some years and that's when I tend to go stash mad! Your stash is lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing your wips of them.

Carla said...

Nice progress on Ink Circles!!
Sorry about your lamp and computer :(

Anonymous said...

Love ink circles!

I know all about having a bad week LOL luckily a broken computer didn't happen to me too otherwise i really would have been carted off by the men in white coats! Heres to a better week for both of us!!!

Karen said...

Great start on the Ink Circles

Karan said...

Hope the lamp & computer are fixed very soon Helen.
Great progress on Ink Circles - fascinated by your colour changes, can't wait to see it develop. Still no pic of mine yet.

Anonymous said...

You do such beautiful work-stitchery. I crosstitch and really love it, also. Blesssings, Rose

Anonymous said...

Dear Helen-I forgot to ask you if that is a celtic knot. Is it a celtic knot of linen? Let me know where you got the pattern. My girls take Irish Step Dance and I would love to embroider it on their dresses. Blesssings, Rose

Jaimie said...

Bummer on all the lighting and computer problems! But the progress is great and look forward to seeing more!