Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Secret Garden & Thanks

Firstly thank you to everyone for all your good wishes both here and in private emails. For those who asked I have apparently got Gall Stones and now have to await an op to remove the Gall bladder and I have no idea when that will be but I am on the waiting list so hopefully not too long.

I had some lovely flowers from the girls at work today which was a nice suprise and really brightened my day.

I wanted to post a picture of Secret Garden but this is not letting me add one, umm will I ever get a blog that works for me as well as you lol.

I will have another try tomorrow but it certainly will not play tonight.


Barbara said...

Oh, I am sorry to read about your gall stones and upcoming surgery. I hope you don't have to wait too long, and that your recovery is quick and complete. Take care!

Carla said...

sorry about your gall bladder stones...hope you have your surgery soon those stones can cause a lot of pain. I got mine removed a few months ago and now I'm like new no more pain :)

chiloe said...

Those are really painful !!! Did you know you can have the gall stones remove by the mouth? My 82 yo grand ma had the procedure done on her 6 month ago. She knew you can do that by reading a health magazine ... It's less painful, no surgery and they don't have to remove the gall bladder. You should ask if this could work for you ;-)

Sally said...

I hope you're not on the waiting list too long Helen and you get sorted soon.

Karen said...

I hope they have short waiting lists where you are , that was nice of them to send you flowers