Wednesday, 3 October 2007


..... for helping me to sort out how to make my blog more personal. Nicola was kind enough to send me a very detailed email on how to sort this out. I am a complete technophobe but even I was able to follow her instructions.

So I hope you like the new look blog. The picture is of the Baga river in Goa and is taken from a little riverside cafe that we often visit in the evenings when we are there. Our apartment is just a little further up the river from where this was taken and is just soooooo peaceful. I hope when my DH retires we will be spending a lot more time there during the winter - away from the cold, cold weather which I hate. Lol you will notice that we always have our holidays during the winter as I love my garden and like to be here when the weather is warm and I can be pottering around outside - OK so this year things went wrong and only the ducks were happy pottering about outside, but then this year was an exception I hope.

I might change the actual template again Im not sure but now I know how to do it I can play to my hearts content, though really I know I should be stitching lol.

On the stitching front I got line 26 of Heirloom Christmas done and I have done quite a bit on Gracious Era, mainly boring old sky but will try and stick with it for a couple of days and then start on Secret Garden after the weekend. I tried scanning part of the Dimensions chart and it has certainly come up better than the enlarged photo copy so this might make life a little easier and I might actually get a bit more done each time this one comes round in the rota.

Thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments you have left recently on both my finishes and my wip updates they really are appreciated.


Karen said...

wow I love the photo of the river , it looks like it's a stunning place to be. I haven't been brave enough to change my blog too much one day I may work it out lol have fun

Mary Ann said...

Very pretty blog change! The lavender background is very soothing, and I love the picture of the river!!