Thursday, 30 August 2007

Stash and Things

Firstly stash, as today my order from Sew and So arrived with all the lovely Dinky-Dyes silks I had bought with some of my birthday money. I had chosen some darker threads as I am not normally inclined to go for the dark ones and I needed some for Ink Circles "Blackwork Fantasy Garden". I have been kitting this up as it is supposed to be for my holiday stitching but as I don't go on holiday until November and it is all sitting on the table looking at me pleadingly I might just be starting it a little earlier lol.

I spend some more time over the last couple of days on my UFO and have now completed the b/s right across the bottom so only really got the right hand side and a little bit in the centre part of the design to do now. I decided that I really had had enough of b/s for the time being and so this morning I got Heirloom Christmas out and started on that again. I have managed three rows today which is not bad considering that after the first row I realised that I had been one thread out on part of the last stitching I did so had to frog a load of vines and two rhodes hearts and put them right before I continued with this times stint. I have now completed 21 sections (from the 30) but the next section is Star Lace and as it is all in white on white there is no way I am going to stitch it under artifical light. So will have to find something else to stitch of for a bit before bedtime -----mmm wonder if I can see anything lying around, like some ink circles - he he he, im off to stitch.


BeckySC said...

OOOH, yummy fibers :) I just love buying fibers :) I wish I could buy them all :) :) :)

Looking forward to progress pics :)

Stitcher said...

Great stash.

Julie said...

beautiful threads Helen, can't wait to see your progress on Heirloom

Sally said...

Those Dinky Dyes look gorgeous Helen.