Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Water, Water ....

Seems an appropriate title for tonights post.

Firstly my kitchen has gone from this

to this

I now have a tap (or as the americans call it a faucet) and I can run water into a sink, its wonderful.  As you can tell I only have a tiny kitchen so we have tried to make it look bigger with cream units and paintwork and nice clean lines.  We still have things to do but I am slowly getting things into cupboards though what I am going to fill them all with I dont know lol.  Before we had a boiler and a free standing cooker so there is loads more cupboard space and I am lucky in having a utility room, so no white goods in the kitchen. 

Next to stitching and I have been stitching on The Water Pump and am pleased with the progress I have made this week, though its a lot of bit and bob stitches. Despite the odd stitches I am really enjoying seeing this take shape. 

I really do have to get another of my wips out and make a start though but at the moment I keep dithering about which one to start next lol, just two much choice.  I think I might takes some photos and let you choose what comes in next.  Another decision I have made is regarding new starts.  My original plan was that I was not going to do any new starts until my wips were all done, however realising how many I have it would become demorolising after a while so every now and again I am going to have a new start to add to the mix.  I will keep two wips going for a while and then add something new, but I am not having more than three things on the go at anyone time and I will not make a 2nd new start until I have made good progress on both my wips and finished the first newbie.  Well that is my plan lol but I know plans can get broken, so we will see.

Thank you for the lovely comments regarding I Still Do and the cards.  To Trish who asked "how many skeins did it take" I am sorry Trish but I really cannot remember the best I can do in give you a link to when I first got the fabric and thread and put a picture of it in my blog so it may give you an idea.

Off to stitch now for an hour before I go to bed. 

Hugs from

May your frogs stay in their ponds.


Christine said...

Your new kitchen looks great Helen. I love the Marjolein Bastein piece too

Ann T said...

Keith is doing a brilliant job, it looks lovely already